Book review: Spiritual Anatomy by Daaji

by - 2/14/2024


Title: Spiritual Anatomy

Meditation, Chakras and the Journey to the Centre

Author: Kamlesh D Patel aka DAAJI

Genre: Spiritual, Non Fiction

Pages: 271

Publisher: Harper Collins


Do you believe in signs? Well I definitely do! I have been in a rut for quite some time now ( a few years) and had been feeling stuck, when I came across this book. What I was attracted most to it was "unlock your infinite potential" and "what blocks our chakras and how to clean them", apart from the many headings the cover and introduction said.

As many of you know it, I have done my post graduation in Yoga Sciences and Naturopathy. We have studies Yogic philosophy in detail and hence about the various Chakras in our body. However I have been more into use of Yoga in therapy part rather than the spiritual aspect of it. I truly believe in the infinite power of Yogic philosophy and after reading this book, I truly feel we can find joy anywhere if we try to.

The chakras in this book are not traditional ones (like Muladhar Chakra, Swadhishthana Chakra, Sahasra Chakra etc etc. There are seven main chakras; each referring to a particular point in the body. However in this book, Daaji has divided the thirteen chakras into two main sections: The heart region and the Mind region.

Now you must be wondering who Daaji is. His real name is Kamlesh D Patel, and he is a pioneer in training the people in heartfulness meditation; all around the world. He has been training people for 4 decades now and he is the fourth and current spiritual guide of the global Heartfulness movement. He has authored several bestselling titles, all of them on spirituality. He is really passionate in what he does; as is apparent from the fact that he has taken meditation into the villages of India.

Now, coming back to the various chakras, Daaji has divided them into Acceptance, peace, love, courage and clarity in the heart region. In the mind, they are selflessness, stillness, surrender, insignificance, belongingness, restlessness and settledness. The thirteenth chakra is Nothingness.

If you are aware with Maslow's hierarchy theory, then our top most need is self actualisation. Basically our primary needs of food, shelter, sex, money etc are on the grassroot level. We all want to go way past that and reach the top, surpassing self esteem and all to realize the true value of life; self actualisation.

The book is very comprehensive, with diagrams and questionnaires. I found the "Ask Daaji" sections particularly helpful. It is a true guide to understanding ourselves, which in turn would help in reaching our higher potential. Daaji has explained the traditional chakras as well, with their locations and importance. One thing that was extremely reassuring was that Daaji says not to be skeptical of doing anything wrong while practicing. Also, we should try to be regular, but if we miss a day, we should not fret about it or give up. We should always press the reset button and resume with fervor because we can develop mastery only through practice.

We all want sustainable happiness. The high we get while on a vacation or after a salary raise is pleasure; which is not to be confused with happiness. If you want to unlock joy and untap your fullest potential, go read this book. You will do yourself a favour in more ways than one.

Rating: 5/5

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  1. One thing i dislike is jargon in self-help books. I love the flow of simple thoughts. That's why books like this don't appeal to me. But your review is superb, it gives a clear idea about the book.

  2. Hi Mandira,
    Thank you for sharing your insightful review! It sounds like 'Spiritual Anatomy' by Daaji offers a thorough exploration of self-understanding and reaching our higher potential, with practical tools like diagrams, questionnaires, and the 'Ask Daaji' sections. The emphasis on not being skeptical or discouraged by occasional lapses in practice is a reassuring perspective. Sustainable happiness is indeed a profound pursuit, and it's valuable to distinguish it from transient pleasures. Your review makes a compelling case for reading this book to unlock joy and tap into our fullest potential. I appreciate your recommendation!

  3. Yes I want sustainable happiness & therefore will try to read this book to know & learn. Also, after a lot of procrastination, I finally started doing yoga.

  4. I was actually looking for a review about Spiritual Anatomy and after reading your review, I think I am going to purchase this book . I am actually planning to buy this book and work on meditation and my chakras , thanks for the recommendation.

  5. I am genuinely thrilled to get my hands on the book. The way Daaji weaves words together creates an immersive experience that I am eager to explore further. The inclusion of diagrams, Self Reflection and the 'Ask Daaji' sections, as highlighted in the review, only adds to the allure of the book. It's evident that these elements make the content more engaging and interactive, promising a deeper connection with the spiritual insights shared within the pages.

  6. Bedabrata Chakraborty6 March 2024 at 23:00

    Your review beautifully captures the essence of "Spiritual Anatomy" by Daaji, reflecting on its profound insights and transformative potential. A compelling read indeed!