Visit the Dreamy Attractions During Your South India Tour

by - 12/19/2023

Post-wedding, the honeymoon is a special time, perfect to know your better half. A journey to one of the world’s most romantic spots is not just a great start to your new beginning in life, it is also the best way to celebrate old vows by planning a second honeymoon.

The tropical location of Kerala offers something for all its visitors, but especially for couples on their honeymoon. Misty hills, scenic backwaters, unending coconut groves, and pristine beaches of the lush green state of Kerala make it a romantic destination for newlyweds.

Blessed with cultural and geographical diversity, choosing destinations for a honeymoon in India could become a tedious task. However, if you leave the hills up North,” God’s Own Country” Kerala with its natural splendour, is one of the best places to go for a honeymoon in India.

An ideal destination to visit with Kerala Honeymoon Packages is Wayanad. The natural galore of this place is unmatched. It is filled with lakes, and wildlife sanctuaries where you can spend romantic and amazing time with your partner. This enchanting place has the perfect scenery and climate to enjoy a great honeymoon and spend some cosy time at the beautiful Pookode Lake and also take a walk through the verdant tea plantation.

Conclusion: If you are smitten and bitten by the travel bug and looking for a great romantic vacation then Kerala is the perfect destination in the country.


Visit the gorgeous hamlet nestled in the Western Ghats at an altitude of six thousand feet with the  Munnar Tour Packages. This enchanting hill station beckons honeymoon couples from far and near to enjoy their honeymoon with romantic experiences. The verdant tea plantations are the uniqueness of Munnar. The sloppy hills decked with lush green tea bushes are omnipresent in this quaint hill station. The stretches of tea and other plantations are never-ending and have a perfect romantic setting. A morning walk in the vast tea plantations is ethereal coupled with warm sun rays, dew-kissed valleys, and the sight of dense canopy in the distance act together to kindle romance. Echo Point lies about fifteen km away from the town and is one of the popular honeymoon places in Munnar. Apart from shouting sweet nothing, the couples can stroll around or even take a Shikara ride on the adjoining Kundala Lake. Visiting the Eravikulam National Park is a lifetime chance for couples. You get to see the very rare Nilgiri Tahr here. And you might just be lucky to witness the bloom of the Neelakurinji flowers which happen to bloom every twelve years and scale the highest peak in South India, the Anamudi Peak. Spend the whole day with your partner as you explore this park that is sprawled across 97 km.


Alleppey “Venice of the East” is among the oldest planned towns in India and is famed for its several backwater canals, beaches, paddy fields, and lagoons. Located in the heart of Kerala, the city is also known for its houseboat cruises in the backwaters, bird watching while you canoe, Ayurvedic couple spa, and amazing sunset view make the trip exciting. From strolling on beaches to staying in luxurious resorts Alleppey gives you the best romantic experience. Marari Beach located eleven km from Alleppey is famous for its Ayurvedic centres and elegant beach resorts. When on Marari Beach you can witness long rows of coconut trees and spend the afternoon beside clean and quiet waters. Alappuzha Beach is a picturesque beach with golden sands and gentle waves that set the stage for a romantic escape and is the perfect place for couples to unwind. What sets this apart is the one-hundred-and-fifty-year-old pier that extends into the sea, and is ideal for a stroll while holding hands and watching the sunset. Punnamada Lake is a vast, pristine lake and is known for the annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race. The tranquillity and scenic beauty create a soothing ambiance. Couples can indulge in leisurely houseboat rides, savour lip-smacking cuisines, and soak in the peaceful atmosphere as they glide along Punnamada Lake.


Kumarakom is a stunning honeymoon place if you are looking for a luxurious romantic vacation. Cruising through the steady backwaters in Kumarakom in a houseboat equipped with luxuries is a surreal experience. The houseboats serve authentic food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The boat cruises through captivating green paddy fields and tall groves of coconut. Visit Asia’s largest freshwater lake, Vembanad, where you can see lily pads floating on the glistening emerald surface. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary which covers an area of fourteen acres, is a favourite haunt of migratory birds and a paradise for ornithologists. Take a two-hour canoeing trip during sunrise or sunset to experience the beauty of this place. Kumarakom Craft Museum has a stunning collection of antiques ranging from woodwork, décor items portraits, and paintings. One can find the most well-preserved antiques and traditional artefacts belonging to the region. Local artwork and craftwork can also be brought from the museum shop.


Bekal is a small town in the Kasargod district of Kerela on the west of the Malabar coastline. It is famous for its beaches, backwaters, forts, and tourist attractions. The town overflows with charm, tranquillity, and romance. Bekal Fort, built in the seventeenth century is located in Kasargod. It is one of the largest, best-preserved forts in Kerala. This historic monument offers a  superb view of the Arabian Sea from its tall observation towers. The prime features of the fort are its grand laterite walls, bastions, and a well-preserved moat. Chandragiri Fort is one of the best places to visit near Bekal Fort. It was built by Siyappa Nayak of Bednore and sits perfectly on the banks of the Chandragiri River. It is a vantage point to watch the wonderful views of the sunset. Kappil Beach is located six km away from the Bekal Fort and spans over an area of twenty-five acres. It has a long sandy stretch which is apt for taking a stroll across the coastline is a dazzling beach. The backwater boat ride is a good way to spend a few hours with your family and friends on a trip to Kerala. Tasting the local snacks is a must for tourists. Take a break between your beach walks and energize yourselves with a bite.


Kochi is a stunning destination and has delightful surroundings making it perfect for a romantic honeymoon. The unique culture, lifestyle, artistry, and local cuisine are the best things you cannot miss in Kochi. Kochi or Cochin is a port city with a trading history that dates back to at least six hundred years. Popularly known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea it exudes old-world charm with diverse linguistics like Jews, Konkinis, and ethnic communities like the anglo -Indians. It still holds on to its Dutch and Portuguese buildings, such as the Old Harbour House, Mattancherry Palace, Jewish Synagogue, and Bolgatty Palace. The cosmopolitan town has art galleries, heritage homes, and some of the finest museums, such as the Hill Palace and Kerala Folklore Museum. Chinese Fishing Nets are the most iconic attractions of Kerala peculiar to Kochi located next to Fort Kochi. These nets are vast fishing nets that are fixed on bamboo and teak poles. An ingenious way of fishing, the nets are operated by four to six fishermen, and watching this spectacular process in itself is a spellbinding experience. St Francis Church is a fine example of Portuguese architecture, and it is believed to be one of a kind among all European churches that were constructed in India. It was constructed in the fifteenth century by Portuguese explorer Vasco-da-Gama the famous explorer who was buried in this church when he died in 1524, on his third visit to India. Later his remains were moved to Lisbon after fourteen years but his gravestone is still present in the church.

Conclusion: The Coastal Paradise known as Kerala has always been one of the preferred honeymoon destinations in India for couples stepping into a whole new phase of their lives. Kerala is known for its romantic resorts on the beaches and dreamy hill stations. And is encircled by gently flowing backwaters and serene lush greenery -an ideal setting for pure bliss. With beaches that stretch forever, to never-ending tea estates, and heart-shaped lakes, Kerala is indeed a paradise on Earth.


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  1. Oh wow, reading this article brought back such amazing memories! I've been lucky enough to explore South India twice, and it truly feels like heaven on Earth. The way you post and pics captures the dreamy attractions is spot-on – each visit felt like stepping into a magical world. I can't help but reminisce about the incredible moments I've had there.

  2. I have never been to south except the Chennai airport for a transit flight:
    Many tourists places are on my wish list, let’s see when I will visit. Till then enjoyed reading the post & the photos.

  3. I haven't traveled South India Much but it is pretty and your detailed info about it is really mind blowing.

  4. Bedabrata Chakraborty26 December 2023 at 12:49

    Enjoyed reading about dreamy Kerala attractions. The vivid descriptions and your personal touch make it inviting. Planning to visit some of these places soon.

  5. Amazing write up on South India . I have not been any of the mentioned places except Rameshwaram , and really would like to start exploring South part . May be in 2024 , will start exploring South especially Kerala ; God's own country.

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