The must have item in your baby bag

by - 1/24/2023


If you are a mom, then you simply just can't move around with a tiny clutch. You need to carry a lot of essential items if you have your baby or kid with you. We moms are supposed to be genies; whenever or wherever a wish is made by the kid, that item has to magically appear; courtesy mom! And we moms take this role very seriously. We love to dish out the item immediately, as soon as the demand arises and I really take pride in saying that my baby bag contains pretty much everything baby related!

Being a mom of two, I have kind of become pro in packing bags and here's my tried and tested list of things that I like to keep in my bag at all times.

 Baby Wipes: Whether your child is in the diapering stage or out of it, the one thing that can never leave your bag is a pack of good quality baby wipes. Over the years I have tried out quite a lot of variants, I can safely say that Cuddables Water Baby wipes are my first choice. Whether it's cleaning their face after feeding or wiping their tiny hands or their tiny, sensitive buttocks or other body parts, the quality of wipes is of utmost importance and that's the reason why I rely on Cuddables wipes. It's the best you can give your little one, here's why:

  • 99% water. The first thing that I look for while buying anything for my babies are its ingredients. When it comes to wipes, I only buy water wipes. You don't want any chemical or alcohol rubbing your baby's skin. Water wipes are the safest thing you can use on their delicate skin. These wipes are enriched with hydrogenated castor oil, citric acid, barbadensis extract and glycerin. Cuddables water wipes are exactly the thing you had been looking for. 
  • It's fragrance free. We all know that fragrances are chemicals. We don't need any extra chemicals for our littles. These wipes are paraben, SLS and toxin free. I am always looking for fragrance free baby products.
  • 100% cotton fabric and no plastic. Anything that touches our little's skin should be cotton. And do we need more plastic in our lifestyle? No, not at all!
  • 3 times thicker. Thick wipes are so important. It means that they are not going to tear away while using and also they are very soft on our little ones' skin.
  • Eco friendly and Bio degradable. We can never let go the concern for our Mother Earth even for a while. The way we nurture our babies, the same care is deserved by our Mother earth too. While buying any disposable product, we should always make sure that it's eco friendly and bio degradable.

Since Cuddables water wipes are made of cotton, they are safe for our Mother earth too. You can buy them from, Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho and their website.

Hence by using Cuddables water wipes we are not only taking care of our delicate babies but our Earth too. Do you need more reasons to switch to Cuddables wipes?

The other mandatory things in a baby bag would be (of course apart from diapers and formula) an extra set of clothes. Kids often wet/soil their outfits and leaving them in a wet top would be the last thing you would want. Healthy snacks both for the baby and you. Some toy or small activity based stuff to keep the kids occupied. I always keep stickers and colours and sheets. Last but not the least, paracetamol syrup for the kids and tablets for me. You never know when a severe headache might hit you or someone else would thank you for dishing out the simplest yet most effective pill in such a scenario.

So mommies, this was my "What's in my kid's bag" secret. Do let me know if I can add anything more to the list.

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  1. These wipes really look promising. I bet every baby bag should have these!

  2. Forwarded this nifty post to all my friends with babies. In fact, I would like to use water wipes myself.

  3. I am surely trying this baby wipes. They are not only gentle on kids skin but also are bio-degradable.

  4. Very good information, and I agree baby wipes is a game changer. I am forwarding this post to all my friends who have babies.

  5. Okay, all these things are perfect for babies while traveling. Also, I am forwarding it to my family members and friends who have babies.

  6. Baby wipes are an absolute must have in any diaper bag. They are handy in many ways sharing it with my experience. Cuddables water wipes looks promising would surely check these.