Carrot Seed Oil for hair growth

by - 11/17/2021


As you already know, Vitamin A is essential for our hair and skin health. It's an antioxidant and helps fight all the free radicals. It assists in promoting and maintaining a healthy dermis and epidermis and hence a healthy scalp. Vitamin A is abundantly found in carrots and hence carrots are beneficial for glowing skin and healthy hair.

Now you must be ordering what are carrot seeds and what is their role in hair health?

Carrots and Carrot seeds: Carrot is a root vegetable with carotenoids, flavonoids, polyacetylenes, vitamins, and minerals, which are highly beneficial for our hair and skin. I always tell my patients to have a whole carrot in the morning everyday. It's like taking retinol therapy but in a natural way.

Carrot seeds are harvested from the dried flowers of carrots, in the second season of harvest. They have tremendous health benefits. Carrot seed extract imparts luster and shine in hair strands. It reduces breakage and split ends and soothes scalp caused due to dryness, itchiness and dandruff. It helps in healing sun damage, wrinkles and scar tissues.

The magic of carrot seeds have been tapped by NEUD in their revolutionary

 carrot seed products. Try them out yourselves to see their amazing effects.

So today I would like to review their latest premium Carrot seed product: NEUD Carrot Seed Oil.

I have been using it for my hair for the past one month now and have to say that my mane is definitely softer and shinier with less hairfall and also I have noticed an increase in length.

What's special about the carrot seed oil?

The aromatic essential oil of carrot seed ( aka Daucus carota or Queen Anne's lace ) has been used in folk medicine by ancient Indians , Romans , Egyptians , Creeks , French and the Chinese for hair care and other benefits . Its musky tone and earthy , nutty and spicy smell has earned carrot seed a distinctive place in aromatherapy worldwide . Anecdotal evidence shows that conditioning the hair with carrot seed oil can reduce frizz and make hair shinier , smoother and softer . Carrot seed essential oil is scientifically proven for its antioxidant , anti - inflammatory , antifungal , and antibacterial properties . * Jorge M. Alves - Silva et al , Universities of Coimbra and Aveiro , Portugal 

NEUD Carrot Seed Hair Oil is infused with pure carrot seed extract and that makes it so effective.

To sum up, these are the benefits of this wonder oil:

They make our hair shiny, healthy and also protect from UV rays and pollution since carrot seeds are the natural powerhouse of Vitamin A, alpha, beta and gamma carotenes and carotenoids and tocopherols 

Ducol and Carotol present in Carrot seed helps prevent skin infections and hence relief from dandruff also.

Limeone, linalool, pinene and carvone present in carrot seed reduces stress and anxiety and gives a calming and relaxing feeling.

Reduces frizzy hair

Repairs split ends

Reduces hair fall

Nourishes and hydrates the scalp and hair

Suitable for all hair types

Unisex Product

What are the ingredients of this premium hair oil?

Carrot Seed Oil , Carrot Seed Extract , Vitamin E. Wheat Germ Oil , Almond Oil , Brahmi Extract , Olive Oil , Bhringraj , Aloe Vera Extract , Sunflower Oil , Sesame Oil , Castor Oil 

Texture: Non sticky and smells lovely

How to use?

 Apply NEUD Carrot Seed Hair Oil on your scalp and hair roots at night .

 Massage gently for 15 minutes in circular motion using your fingertips . 

Wash hair the next morning , ideally with NEUD Carrot Seed Premium Shampoo .

Packaging: Beautiful orange coloured bottle. Very premium packaging.

Price: 500 INR for a 300 ml bottle

I highly recommend this oil for healthy hair.

Have you tried any carrot seed product? What has been your experience?

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