A revolutionary way to style your hair!

by - 10/05/2020

 Our crowning glory is our most prized possession. Whether its male or female, hair is one's greatest weakness. We spend so much time, efforts and money on maintaining our mane. Still we are seldom satisfied. The truth is that beautiful hair depends on so many factors. We do all the things to damage our hair: erratic lifestyle, unhealthy diet, stress, lack of proper hair care and so  on. Being a physician who mainly deals with hair and skin, I handle hundreds of hair patients daily. And the numbers are on the rise!

In this super fast, super busy life, what we need is some magic that can fix our hair without having to compromise our lifestyle. I mean everyday we are into different hairstyles. In the morning a sleek pony or straightened hair for work, dipping hair in chlorinated water during swimming in the evening, again pulling it and straightening it for work the next day, then a completely new hairdo for partying on weekends. Not to mention all the junk food and booze that deteriorates our hair further. Is there a solution for all this? Yes! CIC 3-In-1 Universal Diffuser Collection With adept™ Complex Serum. I have been a curly haired girl throughout my life and I love this concept like anything. It's been 2 weeks now that I have been using it.

What is this concept?
This is a revolutionary concept where the product (i.e the adept serum penetrates deep into the scalp. 
Special delivery sponges vaporize your favorite A.d.e.p.t® Complex Serum to penetrate the cuticle of our hair and anchor moisture deep into the cortex as it dries to leave our hair lustrous, manageable and frizz-free. Not like other products which sit on top of the curls only.
What all does it contain?
1 Diffuser bowl with attachments (1 catcher, 1 lifter and air 1 dryer)
1 A.d.e.p.t® Complex Serum 15ml
2 additional heat-resistant sponges

How to use this concept?

This diffuser allows for the gentle drying of curly hair without frizz and prevents over-drying for hair of all textures.
Prepare for use by assembling the diffuser. The ergonomic diffuser base attaches to the end of your dryer. The interchangeable faces attach to the extra-large diffuser bowl.

Inside the base are two clips to insert the included sponges for infusion of the A.d.e.p.t® Complex Serum to add healthy hydration to your style as you dry. Add a few drops of your favorite A.d.e.p.t® Complex Serum (about 5-10 drops) on top of the sponge.

Attach the desired face and gently twist from “lock open” to the “locked closed” position.

Using the catcher – The catcher allows you to scoop up your curls into the drying bowl for easy styling. The ergonomic base helps to coil your curls into the catcher without craning your neck or resorting to contortions. When the hot air from the dryer activates the elixir in the dispersal wicks, it creates a gentle vapor which hydrates deep into the cortex and seals the hair cuticle as you style.

Using the lifter – The lifter attachment helps to lift the roots of long, heavy curls. You can use the attachment to coil curls from the bottom and hold to dry, or you can position the fingers near the roots to lift the base of the curls to add volume. The lifter and the catcher are often used in the same styling session to create and sculpt curls from the roots to the tips.

Using the air dryer – The air dryer face is a little different from the catcher and the lifter in that it doesn’t have the kind of fingers found on most diffusers. Attach the air dryer to add moisture while drying all lengths of hair, and all textures. Use the air dryer face to dry straight hair too! It simulates the effect of air-drying without any styling tool. The gentle air will make every style the best it can be. This feature is a go-to if you desire to boost any of your in-home-treatments.

How can you clean your 3-in-1 universal diffuser collection?

A: You can soak the diffuser in warm water with mild soap. Use a paper towel or sponge to gently clean product residue and build up. Make sure that you remove the inside coils before cleaning.  

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Are you delighted with this new concept of hair styling? Let me know!

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