Review: Churails on ZEE5. Are you a Churail too?

by - 8/24/2020


We all have shades of grey in us. We women go through so many ups and downs in life that at some point or the other, we need to lash back with vengeance. And guess what? This aspect has been tapped in a very intriguing way in ZEE5's latest original series 'Churails'. I got absolutely hooked since I watched the very first episode.

Show: Churails

Genre: Thriller

Cast: Sarwat GilaniMehar BanoNimra Bucha and Yasra Rizvi

Year: 2020

Origin: Pakistan. Original web series on Zindagi

This series, as the name suggests is a women centric one and revolves mainly around 4 feisty females from different backgrounds.

Image Source: ZEE5

Sara, played by Sarwat Gilani is an erswhile  lawyer who had given up her career to nurture her family. Her husband is a big shot industrialist who is filthy rich, arrogant, strict and travels most of the time. He hardly values his family and does not pay heed to his wife's aspirations. Sara had been reduced to the status of a 'Trophy Wife'.

Jugnu played by Yasra Rizvi is a luxury wedding planner. She is an extravagant and spoilt woman who's mindless lifestyle has landed her into a financial fiasco. 

Batool is played by Nimra Bucha. She is an ex criminal who had been convicted for murder. She is a dark, mysterious personality. She is hired by Jugnu as her housemaid.

Zubeida played by Mehar Bano is a young college student with high aspirations. She sneaks out of her conservative home under the pretext of college to pursue boxing classes, which is her actual passion. She has to bribe her little brother on a daily basis to keep his mouth shut; as he accompanies his sister everywhere. Irony of her life: A poor, battered girl like her has been named Zubeida.

The story is set in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. When Sara is mocked by the Principal of her children's school about her law sabbatical, she unleashes the 'Churail' in her and punches the stapler on the Principal madam's fingers. On the other side of the city, Jugnu causes a chandelier crash at her organised wedding that almost killed ten people. Zubeida goes on a date after her boxing classes who happens to be a seasoned computer hacker. She meets him through a Dating app and they really like each other. Jugnu washes away her financial stress in alcohol while Batool joins her as her new housemaid. 

A single instance of Zubeida being unable to pay her brother lands her in trouble. (She spent that money on buying a new pair of boxing gloves). Her parents (especially father) batter her up badly, raid her phone and throw her in a locked room. Batool is one of their neighbours and watches this entire episode from a distance. She helps Zubeida to flee by placing a ladder. While in the world of the privileged, Sara discovers the dark, philandering activities of her husband. Devastated, she drives upto Jugnu's home in the middle of the night. Batool also enters Jugnu's home with battered and shocked Zubeida.

Image Source: ZEE5

In the midst of the darkest phase of her life, an entrepreneurial idea hits Sara and she convinces the other three women to join the same. Sara blackmails her husband to invest in her business. She acquires a big building with swanky resources and opens up a boutique 'Halal Designs'. While in reality, the boutique is a cover for their undercover business of hunting down cheating husbands. Zubeida's boyfriend becomes the latest to join their gang as his hacking skills is highly coveted in their investigative agency. 

What follows next is adrenaline pumping adventures and thrill. Will these women be able to tap the 'Churails' in other women and be able to give them moral justice? We all have that witch hidden somewhere in ourselves. Don't we? At least #MainChurailHoon

Watch this show for some real thrill. Be ready to see the women kick men's as* and drink and smoke and swear. They don't give a damn to the entire world. I am literally hooked!

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  1. I have watched this web series and it give a goosebumps how woman smartly take all the moves for woman justice.

  2. I have watched few episodes... I enjoyed watching them.. quite a revolutionary in is kind.. A new kinda series to watch

  3. I m hearing a lot about this series nowdays all across the web. Seems like a great series on women empowerment. Thanks a lot for sharing detail review. Will watch it for sure.

  4. Churails definitely seem like an interesting series to watch. I generally enjoy all the series that are women oriented and show how strong they are. I will try to watch this soon.

  5. I have always been a fan of pakistani Movies and their way of acting, this movie I watched on Zee5 and its amazing, Love the whole plot of the series. Im going to watch it !

  6. Hearing so much about this empowered series and power-packed characters and scripting...totally must see

  7. I was a churail for many reasons since I got married. The family made me feel that my rebelious nature was not wanted or required and I had to do everything I did not want to in their house. I stood my ground and came out of it.

  8. Looks like this one is not to be missed. Your review is so detailed and has made me want to jump on to the series now.

  9. Im totally in love with how you have reviewed this series. A feminine masterpiece; im sure it’s inspiring as much as it must be thrilling to watch; yes if that’s what it takes to be a Woman unabashed, im a churail too

  10. I recently finished watching a series on women and was feeling like missing out on something. Wil check this interesting series now.

  11. this sounds like a very interesting thing to watch. Will check this out over the weekend.

  12. Firstly I love women centric shows and movies and this story line is very intriguing and interesting and I am add it to my next watch list ....

  13. Churail has the strong and best storyline ever. I like the series so much.

  14. Wow, this seems like a kickas plot. You writing has intrigued me to watch this series now.

    You really have a flair for writing the reviews without revealing the suspense or the climax.

  15. I have seen this series in a day. it is so well directed and acting wise super amazing by all the artists. well described plot.. n very gluing.

  16. Women supporting women is so good to watch and when women come with force they can break all the barriers.

  17. Just when i was looking for tv show recommendations. Thanks for sharing your review . Definitely watching this 👍

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