Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

by - 3/25/2019

If you are anything like us, ie a travel enthusiast, then you contain a certain amount of information about every famous place in the world. So whenever you think of Yarra valley in Victoria, Australia what does come to your mind? I bet it's hot air balloons and wineries! Now getting into a hot air balloon is like a dream for me. But in order to get the type of picture I want, my partner needs to be in another balloon so that he can click me. Or I need a photographer! In short, I am yet to fulfill this dream of mine.

So when we were planning our schedule in Yarra valley, we decided that we would go to the place where all the hot balloons are released so that I could at least fulfill a part of my fantasy. The balloon flight takes place before sunrise so that the passengers can witness the rising sun from the sky. We visited Australia in October and sunrise was at around 6. Now we needed to be in Yarra valley long before that as it was quite a drive from South bank, Melbourne. However we were so drained from our previous two days in Victoria that we were unable to wake up before 5. It had been 48 hours of sleeplessness followed by just 3 hours sleep on 2 nights. Not to forget the 600 km drive on the Great Ocean Road. So when we could finally hit the road, it was 6 am.
For the uninitiated, the Yarra valley is a HUGE region in Victoria. Everything in Australia is big and the Yarra valley is a testament to that. Anyways that means you need to be crystal clear as to where to go in Yarra valley. You should be familiar with the exact location. Sadly I was not and husband had relied on me.
I just knew that I wanted to witness the hot air balloons.

We were already late and to make matters worse, our car fell into a ditch (drain) in front of a house during the numerous up and down road in the Yarra region. Thankfully a young lad came to our rescue and called the help team which dragged our car up. Mood spoiled and time wasted, we sadly drove to the never ending vineyards.
Earlier vineyards used to fascinate me and they still do. I have witnessed some diverse as well as famous ones like the Tuscan vineyards and the vineyards of Greece. The Santorini vineyards are very different as they grow on volcanic soil and hence the wine is acrid. However since my husband is a teetotaler and I am not a big fan either, we weren't very game in visiting the wineries. So you must be thinking what has Yarra valley to offer to the non alcoholics?
Well, apart from the luxurious hot balloon ride and acres of beautiful vineyards, Yarra valley is also famous for it's chocolateries. Yes, they grow cocoa here only and manufacture mouth watering sweet treats. You can also have some nice breakfast with coffee overlooking the lush vineyards. We also got to taste spoonfuls of different chocolates. We didn't buy any as it was the first stop of our trip and they would have melted eventually in the coming numerous stops!
What started as a terrible morning, rolled out to be pretty good!

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  1. Wow, amazing pictures. Thank you for sharing :)


  2. seems u have travelled whole world.. really envy you..i too want to go to Australia now


  3. Wow the place seems so amazing and pretty with lot of chocolates and candies. I would surely get in touch with you whenever I will make an international trip. Kudos to you girl.

  4. I too have some wonderful memories of Australia .Though I have visited the place you have mentioned.Ill add it in my bucket list.


  5. Australia undoubtedly is an amazing place to visit keeping the beautiful scenery it has to offer in mind, loved the blog and the way you have explained this beautiful spot is just damn fab!

  6. When a place is famous for wineries, the teetotaler might get disheartened.but Yarra valley has great things to offer to everyone.

  7. Wow.!!! What a nice place where you can get chocolates and wines. Such a treat to heart and stomach. Australia and some great travel destination and I am planning to visit some of them soon. I will keep your blog in mind.

  8. Australia looks so beautiful!


  9. Love the images you look fabulous doll