ZEE Rishtey Awards 2018 - The Biggest Celebration Of Emotions

by - 10/31/2018

As the title suggests, I really feel that ZEE Rishtey Awards is a celebration of emotions. Let me explain why!? After working hard every day, we spent the few leisure hours we have with our favourite TV shows. Watching it every day for years, people tend to develop a bond with the characters from the shows. The character no longer feels fictional and seem like a part of our lives. Understanding this sentiment, the ZEE Rishtey Awards celebrates the beauty of all its best shows and stars who work day and night to keep us entertained. 
I have been following the Awards ever since its inception in 2007 and have seen its incredible growth in both scale and ambition. But this year is a special one as ZEE Rishtey Awards becomes a part of a beautiful journey. Referred to as ‘ZEE Ki Beti Ki Shaadi’, ZEE Rishtey awards become the platform for an extravagant wedding of Priya Singh and Sunny Kakkar, a young couple from Bareilly. This wedding will have all the functions like any other wedding, be it  Roka, Sangeet, Mehendi and all other functions. The difference - the entire ZEE family are the baraatis here who will sing, dance and get together to ensure that Sunny and Priya’s wedding is one that people will remember. 
Abhi and Pragya’s mesmerising performance that is filled with romance

Those looking for a laugh-a-thon, trust me, you are in for a ride. Just thinking about the funny acts by Krushna, Mubeen and Bharti Singh makes my stomach ache. Most of the times I am just looking forward to the beautiful dance performances by my favourite stars. But when these guys came on-stage, they totally owned it with their comic timings and definitely became a highlight of the event. 

And, what should I say about the outfits that the celebs wore! They were so pleasing to the eyes. Like, I could keep watching their gorgeous outfits again and again. Be it the cute blue suit worn by Alladin or Meera’s floral lehenga, the red carpet of ZEE Rishtey Awards was a treat to watch. Possibly, the only time I got slightly distracted from drooling over their outfits was when the stars were speaking about the ZEE5 app. I was happy to find that the TV celebs I watch on TV are just as passionate about binging episodes as I do. 
(Screengrab of Meera’s byte during the red carpet)
I am a big TV nerd and viewing just one doesn’t suit me right. So, I am only happy to figure out that all these beautiful moments from ZEE Rishtey awards are online for me to rewatch anytime I want. So, here’s to rewatching and reliving the fantastic award function through it's behind the scenes videos, performances, comedy skits and a lot more, for free on the ZEE5 app. Basically, TV fans have got everything they could ask for in their watchlist this season!

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