The White House: Cheap yet gorgeous stay in Ubud, Bali

by - 8/11/2018


When you are planning for a vacation in Bali, you visualize 3 things (at least according to me) : a pool villa, rice terrace fields and endless temples. While renting a pool villa would cost you an arm and a leg anywhere else in the world, it wouldn't in Bali. But still it is more expensive than the normal hotels. So we decided to split our 5 days stay in two parts: first half in a modest hotel and second half in a private pool villa. All well that ends well right?

To start with I always dreamt of staying in Ubud  which is the cultural centre of Bali. While Ubud is the most popular place for foreigners, as they reside for long periods, it's not so for Indians. There are plenty of reasons: it's far from the airport, there is no means of public transport and accommodation is comparatively more expensive than that of Kuta or Denpasar. But I was adamant. So we went on a quest to find a reasonable yet beautiful accomodation in Ubud and thankfully found one.
The White House (like any other lesser known hotels) was tough to locate. Although they sent us a cab to pick us from the airport, we could not make out the exact location as it was late in the night.
The next day my partner hired a scooter for exploring the island and that's when we realised that it didn't correspond exactly with its Google location.

Anyways we had entered the place in the dark but the serene vibes were palpable. The gentle sound of water fountains and the heavenly fragrance of incense sticks created an enchanting aura. Anyways we were too tired to investigate with our tired minds (it was a crazy trip in Australia) and dozed off as soon as we hit the sack.
The next morning our snooze was broken with the melodious chirping of birds. The rippling of water had become louder yet more melodious and traditional Balinese music was playing in the background. I immediately got up and removed the curtains to discover the enchanting view just outside our room.

The infinity pool was just two steps away from the balcony of our room. There were innumerable types of plants and flowers and the fragrance of frangipanis was hypnotising. A couple of guys were carrying a holy plate for the morning rituals. I caught hold of that guy and posed with the plate. Every building was different and was designed the Balinese way. I just frolicked around in the garden and made my husband take uncountable pictures.
After a quick freshening up, we headed for breakfast. That too was served in a beautiful way. Sadly I had to gobble it fast because I wanted to swim and we had a long day of sight seeing planned ahead.
The staff was very sweet too. Although staying in a pool villa (later) was an experience on a different level altogether, we were really happy with this place. Cheap and beautiful...just like we wanted.

Dress: Vero Moda
Sunnies: Prada

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