Weekend Getaway to Sohna

by - 7/16/2017

I am a person who has been in love with Delhi as long as I can remember. The perfect amalgamation of technology and historical sites makes Delhi an ideal place to live. Also there are many places nearby that offer the perfect weekend getaways. A hop, skip and ride and voila! You enter a new state and hence a different culture.
Its been quite a while that we went on a vacation. I mean there have been road trips now and then; but not a real vacay. Short raod trips really tire me out. I have to pack for my daughter; every possible thing that she can throw a tantrum for. Also lets not forget about food. She is a real FUSSY eater and she literally starves until I shove her staple food (made by me) down her throat. Not to forget carrying a naughty three year old in my lap throughout the journey is an ordeal in itself. In short, I desparately needed a BREAK!
My birthday had been really low key; with no special celebration whatsoever. I was in fact cross with my partner for the same. It took quite a while for him to understand that though. So he surprised me with this weekend trip to Sohna.
Sohna is around 65 kms from our place ie Noida. Its named from Sona (Gold) as gold dust was found in the stream sand after heavy rains. Although the place is famous for its hot springs and Shiva Temple; for Delhiites its known for its five star resorts. And what I needed is a stay in one of them!
We relaxed in Westin Resort which is a very beautiful property. I ate, drank, slept and layed by the pool. At least for the weekend, I did not have to cook or wash or clean or work! Ah! I wish my life could be this easy, every damn day!

Dress: Rosegal.com
Sunnies: Aldo
Watch : Casio

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  1. I love these pictures your precious little one will have a cool memories to look back to, both with chic stripes outfit too cute of a post.

  2. I love color coordination that you did with her! So cute!

    XO, Jessi


  3. Ur daughter looks just like u. Must be so much fun traveling with her.
    N u look gorgeous.


  4. Beautiful captures and the place looks really amazing for a weekend getaway!