Happy Birthday To me!

by - 6/24/2017

 Ah I just turned a year older! I can't believe I am almost 30! I have to change my blog description now. Maybe something less age specific :D
Well I may not be much wiser than before but there are things that I have learnt in the past years.
1. The most important relationship is the one with yourself. We try to please everyone around us. At least I do. But we should keep our own happiness as the top priority. If we are not happy, then how can we expect to make our loved ones content? P.S I am so done with pleasing others.
2. A person's innate nature never changes. I have heard enough that everyone deserves a second chance, he changed for good, blah blah. Rubbish! What I have experienced myself is that no matter how 'improved' the concerned person may present to you, his innate nature remains the same. After my share of selfish friendships, I have learnt a cardinal lesson: If your friend deceives you, don't give him/her a second chance and save those tears. 
3. You become what you think. I am quoting Lord Buddha here as I find this phrase extremely effective. When I am feeling too low or nihilistic, this phrase helps me to throw away my negativity within a jiffy.
4. Smile at the mirror: We all have been there. Lying low, depressed, feeling worthless. Only we can help ourselves to come out of phases like these. Get up, get dressed. Put on make up and smile at yourself in the mirror. You would definitely feel better.
5. Exercise. This is one thing which I cannot make myself do. I mean exercise is an integral part of life but its missing from mine. Its not about losing or gaining weight. Its very important to stay fit and active. Otherwise we have to live with clogged arteries and weak knees when older. Exercise is also important for mental health. Those endorphins: They are the best mood elevators!

I think I have babbled enough. Once again, Happy Birthday to me!

Coming to my birthday outfit, this LBD is from Sammydress.com. I am IN LOVE with Bell Sleeves right now and this is my dream dress! Also the faux pearl necklace set is from Sammydress. The pearls are really big which is something I adore. I have always been a statement piece wearer. I mean if something is not noticeable enough, then why wear it? 
Since I have become a mom, I have started wearing wedges all the more. Once a 'Stilettos' girl, I have ditched them forever. These apricot colour woven wedges are from Zaful.com.

Necklace: Sammydress.com
Wedges: Zaful.com (sold out) More White Platform Shoes
Sunnies: Aldo

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  1. Happy Birthday doll may it be filled with blessing, peace and laughter especially love. Always put yourself first its hard to please other.

  2. Happy birthday! Love your cute photos, looks like you had such a great time ;)
    Nati xx

  3. Happy Birthday sweetie!! Wishing you love and happiness <3

    XO, Jessi

  4. You look beautiful, Happy birthday!! <3

  5. You look great :) Belated Happy Birthday.. One thing I cannot live without is exercise. I believe that if I take care of myself right now, the next moment will tc of itself.. think of how much easier you are making your life when you workout when in good shape than when not.. I'll leave you with this note.. :)

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  6. Stay blessed, Gorgeous... <3