Things that scare me!

by - 4/10/2017

Today I try to discuss a much jinxed topic. It may be intriguing for some, it may be silly for others. Fear is very subjective while scary things can be right on your face!
While its legitimate to be scared of ghosts and the dark during the early years of life, its unnatural in adult life! However I know a plethora of adults who are scared of the dark/ghosts/both. My mom for instance is scared of thunder lightening! How silly is that?

I have almost never been scared of the supernatural as far as I can remember. I used to love watching extreme horror movies during my college years. However I have always found psycho thrillers to be scarier than horror ones. Movies like Final destination/ The Ring can never be real. However psycho thrillers like The Hills Have Eyes or Hostel can happen to anyone!
So here are the major things that make my heart skip a beat:

Criminals: I just cannot handle violence. I can't bear to see a road rage incident; leave merciless beating and stuff. Being a medico, I can handle blood only because of sickness, not violence. Similarly muggers, hooligans, murderers and of course rapists scare me to the last cell of my body. Whenever we roam around at night, especially abroad, these are the things that freeze me the most.

Poverty: The worst nightmare that I have is being robbed when abroad and unable to return to my country! Or being penniless on the streets. No matter how much you talk of digital money, cash is confidence, to me.

Natural Calamities: I am very attached to my family (everyone is). Also I feel no shame in admitting that I am materialistic. I mean I love decorating my home, buying clothes and jewelleries and living a maximalist life. I, in my scariest of dreams can never imagine getting all these damaged (relations and stuff). Living a high seismic zone has taught me to be alert always. But my home is like my baby and I love my belongings.
Last but not the least failure. I was dead scared of this during my academic years. I have a pretty flawless academic record...I have always topped my class throughout my life. I could never even bear the thought of standing second. However as I grew out of college, I learnt that academics is least important in the lesson of life. Over the past seven years I have faced so many failures that I am not scared of it anymore! I have overcome this fear of mine!
Coming to the outfit, this prettily printed skirt and top set is from I love the material and the asymmetrical hem. Also the aztec prints in my favourite neon colours got me hooked to it in the first place. Zaful has easily become my favourite online shopping site and the reason is pretty simple. The designs are lovely and the pricing is even better! Even the shipping time is not that much considering that its sent from China itself. Also you get free shipping on orders over 30$.

So what are the things that scare you? Do you believe in the supernatural? Let me know in the comments below!

Skirt Top Set:
Sunnies: From Turkey
Beige Mary Janes: old

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  1. I'm terrified of clowns lol this its awesome images.

  2. I'm, perhaps, most scared of natural calamities. Supernatural, criminal, violence, horror...I can handle. But Mother Nature could be so merciless and powerfully destructive at times!

    Loved your outfit. Never heard of the site...will check it out... :-)

  3. This was such a fun post to read babe! Theres definitely a lot of things in your list that scare me too! Thanks so much for sharing :)

    XO Jessi,

  4. this was such a good post... amazing view

  5. HAha...i agree wid u...studies scared me the most...n still give me nightmares.
    U look cute.