Kamari Beach, Santorini

by - 8/01/2016

Kamari is a sleepy little village just adjacent to Perissa. Okay I am joking. Its not a sleepy village :D In fact its more happening than Perissa! The East coast of Santorini is a long black beach. The big rock Mesa Vouno separates Kamari and Perissa while the Perivolos beach is a continuation of Perissa. While Kamari can be seen from Perissa, its not easy to reach from there. The way is all around the huge Mesa Vouno.

As you must have read here, we had to go to Fira to get our bike. So Kamari was one long ride from Fira with a winding route that had the windy, deep blue caldera on one side and the gorgeous countryside on other. Slowly we changed directions and crossed the entire breadth of Santorini to reach the Aegean sea.
The black sand beach of kamari...the Mesa Vouno separates the Perissa beach from kamari...
It was around 11 when we reached Kamari and the sun was blazing at its peak. The beach had black sand of volcanic origin as it was burning like cinders. The water on the other hand was really cold. We quickly changed and sliiped inside the sea to cool off the heat and fatigue.

The rocky Kamari beach..
Though Perissa and Kamari are both black beaches, there is a major difference between the two. Kamari is rocky. The sea is much rough and I got hurt everytime a wave crashed! There was no place to sit or to stand in the water. It was so rocky! The moment I would find a level spot, I would get knocked by the wave and get transported to somewhere else!

We were already running short of time. After a duel with the sea, we started taking pictures. I have realised one thing after travelling so extensively. You can either enjoy to the hilt or take perfect pictures! You can't have your cake and eat it too! I try to do both things and that's why always end up getting late.
Cute houses of Kamari
The beach was studded with sun bathers and swimmers. Hubs had never seen so many beautiful girls of different origin at a single place. He just could stop praising their beauty. At one point I really gor irritated with his obsession for exotic beauty. Okay Santorini boasts of the prettiest travellers and I too agree that they are the best eye candy till date. But come on...pay attention to your wife and place now :D
Cute eateries...
I dragged him to the dryland. There were good looking people everywhere. I have never seen such beauty anywhere. The promenade was studded with shops, restaurants and pubs. The walls were beautifully painted. The shops were really expensive. I wanted to indulge in beachwear but my pocket did not allow me to do so :( Then we sped off to our next stop on our list.

Colourful flea markets of Kamari...The promenade was studded with shops, restaurants and pubs

It was a Monday yet the Eurobank was closed!We visited during the great Greek economic meltdown

A cute little church
Top, Skirt: from Philippines
Purse: Furla Candy
Sandals: from Philippines

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  1. My parents are on Santorini right now. I wish I was there with them :p


  2. Great pictures....the church is so elegant looking... :-)

  3. I adore that red handbag! So chic.

    XO, Jessi

  4. I would like to visit Santorini, Great pictures and beautiful location