Janpath Grill House

by - 5/28/2016

If you know me remotely, then you know my affair with food. And when it comes to trying out new places and cuisines, then I am the first to jump in! So when I got an invite for a food meet at the Janpath Grill bar, I was elated! It was a Friday afternoon so I had to take a half day from my clinic. Anything for good food!

Hubs was crazily busy at his hospital so he could not take out time for this meet with me. Anyways located in Janpath, it was not tough for me to reach there. I walked there from the metro. 
As soon as I entered the restaurant, I felt a lovely vibe. The restaurant has opened 10 days back and it promises a live grill experience and Molecular Food technology along with conventional good food.

The ambiance was lovely. The décor is practical yet different and cute. On a wall there is a huge painting of Delhi’s map; different monuments popping out of the map with the respective activities associated with that particular place. There are beautiful lamps all over and the seating is very comfortable.

Every table has built in grills in the middle.
Live Grill in the middle of the table


I started with golgappas. Like any usual girl, I just love golagappas. They were served very stylishly with sweet chutney in droppers and sour water in test tubes.
Trendy Golgappas
Then I had molecular fried puffs. They are usual puffs with an unusual twist. They were infused with
liquid Nitrogen! Liquid Nitrogen is at -200 and hence the ‘molecular’ name! It freezes anything that
comes in contact with it. The result? The puffs are super crunchy and as soon as you put them in your
mouth, a puff of smoke (read nitrogen) comes out!

Molecular Puffs emitting Nitrogen Vapours!

Liquid Nitrogen being poured over the puffs..

Foodies enjoying their food...

Chef opening the liquid Nitrogen box

Enjoying grilled prawns...

Then skewers with different grilled items arrived. I tried fish, chicken and prawns. I just loved prawns.

My favourites among the vegetarian grilled items were spinach soya and paneer tikka.

MOLECULAR CHAAT: Then a very special kind of Papri Chaat arrived. From the yougurt to the green chutney, everything got frozen in liquid Nitrogen. The dahi bhalla and promeganates were also frozen!
Molecular papri Chaat

The yougurt looked like pieces of ice and it was really cold to taste! Chef Tarun himself played this
 Nitrogen show at our table!
Yogurt got frozen with Nitrogen

Drinks: The first was Gur ka Sharbat which was very sweet and tasty. Then had Hajmola ka sharbat and Aam ka sharbat. My personal favourite is the mango drink.

I was already full with all the grilled items and the Molecular Papri Chaat so I had to skip the main course. Moreover I had to attend another meet and that was an interior decor one ( another of my passions). It was indeed a lovely afternoon.

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