by - 4/12/2014

Not every one is born with a platinum spoon or into a blue blooded family. But who does not like getting pampered?? Royal families may have become extinct now barring a few like the British monarchy, The Grimaldies of Monaco etc, but there are more and more ways to make feel like a royal!! The advent of seven star hotels, royal expresses etc all promise to make you feel nothing less than royalty!! The only downside is that you have to splurge a lot of moolah for such an experience!!

I believe indulging in such treatments once a while does no harm. But I have to take care of my wallet too!! Feeling special at the cost of burning a hole in the pocket is simply not permissible :D
So I am constantly looking for places that make you feel special at not so special prices! I am a pretty complacent person; I can settle for the second best :D

Last year, I decided to make my hubby feel pampered on his birthday. I had heard a lot about The Kingdom Of Dreams and decided to take him there. Treating him was an alibi, its always me who wants special treatment no matter whosoever' s birthday it is!! I was dying to visit this place and this was the perfect ocassion!!

Well this artificial kingdom really lives upto its name...its indeed like a dream!! Extravagant decor with scrumptious food and live music and dance summed up the day perfectly!!

I would love to recreate this at my home...

true Indian style khana...

would like to sit here foreveer :D

paintings of royalty...

birthday boy...

sitting like a queen  :D

always fascinated with pot pourries...

a little chit chat...

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  1. Wowwwwwwww this place is beyond gorgeous!!

  2. I need to travel with you, doll go to the most amazing beautiful places great post.

  3. Your gold top is brilliant! You look so fab! These photos look beautiful too

  4. I love kingdom of dreams! A amazing place to spend your weekend.

  5. Omg!!! This is indeed The Kingdom Of Dreams!! Wish we had something like this too. Would love to get pampered like this. A great way to celebrate one's birthday!! You look adorable pretty :)

    xx Mira


  6. You look divine babe.
    This top is awesome.
    Wonderful pics.
    The Indian Savage diary

  7. Great pictures! I love your top!

  8. nice place and nice people!!! ejoy!!!

  9. Hey Mandira! I read all your posts whenever they are shared by your hubby on FB :) (We happen to be old frns and connected on FB). I find your posts very refreshing. Loved all ....

    PS: Congrats for the little angel :)