by - 3/21/2014

Hello my lovely readers!! If you have been noticing my recent pictures carefully, you would have seen that I have gained a lot of weight recently. Well, I have a big announcement to make. I had been expecting and finally I have got the fruit!! Yes!! we have been blessed with a baby girl last Tuesday!!

I am not a big fan of kids but I love and cuddle them. I used to be scared of kids; especially the very young ones as I found them very delicate. I had never touched a newborn before. But now that I am a mother myself, I am handling my daughter all the time. Its very tiring and believe me...A FULLTIME JOB!!

Motherhood is indeed very rejoicing. Not that it doesnot have any downs; ( I am thinking of disadvantages all the time). The only joy I have been getting from her is that I feel complete after I gave birth. Otherwise, its very taxing. There is post partum depression and I can very well relate to it!!

Since this blog is an integral part of life, I felt that I should share this important chapter of my life. I have a lot of things to do now... raising my daughter and losing my natal weight being my topmost priorities!!

I underwent a Caesarean section as I did not want to go through labour. I escaped the labour pains but here I am now with my surgery scar, stretch marks and total bed rest!!

Here are some pictures of my incredible yet tiring and painful journey.
with the happiest picture first... My sweet farhein feeding me celebratory cake!!

celebrating with a close family friend..

me just coming out of the operation theatre..

my daughter being examined by the paediatricians..

food served in the hospital...

yum yum blackforest cake for her!!

P.S There is no picture of either my parents or inlaws as they were first tensed then excited :D And as usual, the father of my daughter was busy clicking both of us :D

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  1. nice post! lovely pictures ! you have such an amazing blog <3 really loved it :) lets follow each other? do let me know by commenting on my blog :) nice to connect :)

  2. Hey Congratulations... & the hospital seems like jana-pehcana... it's Max.!
    Hope you both doing fine.. Take care :)

  3. Congrats doll and nice to show the hospital and share the experience.

  4. Lovely... congratulations to you and manoj... as well as to the baby doll to have such an amaizing parents...

    Congrats all..

  5. Omg!!! Congrats soooo much. I had no idea you were expecting. She's soooo beautiful like her mother. Wish you all the best. She will bring much joy to your life :D

    xx Mira


  6. :o I'm shocked! I had no idea that you were pregnant! Anyway...Congratulations sweetie :) I wish you and your family all the best :D


  7. Adorable post sweetie. Congrats for this lovely news!!!!
    I love it
    The Indian Savage Diary

  8. OMG MAndira..congratulations.
    So happy for u. Share pics of the little one.


  9. Congratulationsss!!!! I am so happy for you!

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  11. Congratulation! You have a beautiful baby girl. I was with you on your sixth day of parenting. It was amazing to experience my little girl Mandria (my daughter) holding the most cutest baby in her arms with so much confidence, care and feeling proud for she is a mother now. We shared great moments with you and Manoj (my adorable son-in-law). You, imitating the love and anger of your six day old daughter is something we enjoyed the most. Oh! that little angel is keeping you so busy , yet excited. Parenting is tiring but then in itself is an energy booster. All the best for the most lovely job of parenting. Enjoy every moment the fullest. God bless the family.

  12. Congrats Mandira.Hope u successfully beat away baby blues.