by - 5/28/2013

This is the continuation of my last post i.e my last year's birthday. When my parents asked me what gift I wanted; I settled for cash :D as I think that money can buy almost everything (almost) :p
While from my husband I had demanded a small weekend getaway. He being a super busy surgeon (sigh) could not take two days off for his wife's birthday. So I had to plan something for my own self that would fulfill my getaway fantasy. :)

The best part of Delhi is that it has got myriads of options. Heritage, luxury, just name a genre and you will find a place offering that. I have always been fond of historical places. They offer so much to see learn and cherish; and they offer great photography options!! So i chose Humayun tomb for the first half of the day. I had been there earlier in a jiffy while it  was the first time for my husband.

Now for the second half of the day( I had to do everything on that very day as hubby could take only a day off) I needed some resort kind of treatment. I had heard of Aqua, a poolside restaurant in a 5 star hotel, The Park, when i was in college. Till now I had not been there as its on Parliament Street, quite far from my place. So this was the perfect opportunity to indulge my taste buds in an aquatic environment.
Aqua is a Mediterranean restaurant, a cuisine which we both love. The only downside is that it has a very limited menu. It has been awarded the bar with the best ambience many times over ; so I was pretty excited :) hubby nonetheless was indifferent :D

I had an evening reservation , so we wrapped up our humayun tomb fiesta within 5pm and then zoomed our way to parliament street. Our experience was worth every second that I had spent on its planning :)

this place has cute private cabins

fully equipped with cots n television

love the poolside ambience

this place is best at night

i jus love these eggshell couches

a piece of quaint sculpture

nice alley

relaxing on the eggshell couch

a quaint oven

shiny disco

here arrives our mediterranean food..

i dont even remember its name now

my cute hubby

our waiter took this...

I told you..this place really glams up at night!!

no wonder this place has got so many awards!!

a cute pic that I really love...

the bar...our forbidden territory :D

the indoor restaurant

warm reception

a wonderful conclusion to a very eventful day...and I turned a year older!!

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  1. Love the transition from tranquil white during the day to the bright glam colored interiors for evening!

  2. It feels gud to see your blog Post and the way to live the life..............