CAMPING...out in the wild...

by - 5/15/2013

It was crazy hot out here and still is. Summer is on its peak and one can only expect the mercury to rise. I really got bored with my hectic schedule coupled with the uncomfortable heat. So I pestured my husband for a quick weekend getaway to cool off :) I am pretty good with emotional blackmailing and pesturing you know :p. So girls I am sorry if you are unable to coax your partners :D
letting my hair down...literally :D
The first getaway which was cool, peaceful, nearby and suitable for a weekend ; that came to our minds was rishikesh. Rishikesh is a small hilly town tucked in the himalayas. Its calm and very beautiful and is the hub of spirituality for indians and foreigners alike. So I just grabbed a backpack and off we went!!!

Hubby had just returned from his hospital after a 24 hours duty. He had not even slept for a minute; but who cared?? I grabbed him and asked him to doze in the bus :D We took an interstate bus (uttarakhand transport) from Anand Vihar ISBT and shooed off!! After a bumpy and tiring journey of about 6 hours, we finally reached rishikesh. From there we took an auto uphill who took us to our camping site in Shivpuri area.

me having plums in the bus. the plum vendor insisted so much that almost every passenger was compelled to buy from him. but it seems the caucasian lady behind me seems to be unperturbed and is engrossed in her meditation :D

rishikesh bus interstate bus station in the himalayas. who said public transport is bad in india?? :D

after a bumpy auto ride uphill, we reach our camp in shivpuri. This was our tent. though our camp was in the lap of himalayas, it was steaming hot during the afternoon.

after a journey of about 6 hours, hubby relaxing in front of our tent.

the raft which we looked forward to wade with in the white waters..

beautiful ganges flowing through the tall hills, white sand everywhere and volleyball. who said paradise is a myth?? :p

trying to throw my ball as high as possible...

as you can guess, these are the row of makeshift toilets of our camp :D

all settled, luggage tucked safely in the tent, we set out to explore the rough but beautiful waters of ganges...

life is so omnipresent... grasses trying to grow from between the rocks..

all wet after taking a dip in the chilled water, a hariyanvi couple took this pic :)

hubby trying to extract massage from the rocks :)

trying to meditate...but hubby clicking my pic even before i could close my eyes!!!

overenthusiastic players...hubby (white pants) falling to the ground..

after a humble fall, he is back in action :)

we decided to take a short 'stroll' out in the hilly ganges...

dont like rowing though...

the victory pose...don't know why he is giving this!!

a newly married couple we befriended there...

candlelight dinner in the literal sense, though here its actually lanttern dinner :D

romantic lantern dinner out in the wild...

after everyone went to sleep....

star lit sky and lanterns, that was the source of illumination!!

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  1. your blog is too creative and well organized!!!

    1. thanku dear!! ur words are a huge encouragement!! :)

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  3. Great pics..u r so lucky..u travel so much.