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Dubai is mostly known for its sky grazing buildings, guinness book record smashing things, retail therapy and larger than life luxury. But one usually tends to overlook the natural beauty it has been bestowed with. The red sand arabian desert is very popular with the tourists but the turquoise Gulf sea is yet to establish itself as a major tourist attraction. The beach is used more commercially rather than for swimming and sun bathing.
fancy beach instructions with not a single soul nearby to read them!!

   Me and my hubby are ardent beach lovers. Wherever we go go, we make sure we touch its coastline,if any and take a dip.And Dubai was no exception!!

We had done our homework on the pristine sands of the Gulf sea. One major drawback with  the Jumeirah beach is that its oven hot throughout the year. We went during october when the sun was blazing but that did not deter us from exploring the warm waters of the gulf sea.

We were staying at the Dubai Grand Hotel which was very near to al mamzar beach. But everyone local advised us to visit Jumeirah which was quite far. My hubby, insanely adventurous at times, suggests and implements the most hilarious decisions!!! :) He made us take the bus instead of MRT!! The bus with its twist and turns took one hour to reach after which we had to walk for another half an hour in the blazing sun!!!

we Indians are not used to swiping fare cards on a bus ride. But here was a common NOL (fare in arabic) card for MRT as well as bus. We took a whole day pass so that we could hop on off at a budget but it proved otherwise :D

right after we got off the bus, it was blazing and deserted!! we had an half an hour walk still left to feel the saline water!!

this park is more famous than its twin, al mamzar park. Its a huge enclosed beach area especially designed keeping the conservative muslim women in mind.

white sand and Burj Khalifa in the backdrop..

finally a glimse of the blue sea!! it was like an oasis!!

this was taken by a german couple...the only other two (foolish) people who were getting burnt up in the october sun with us!! the water was very warm but very comfortable!! the lovely dip was worth every exhausting effort!!

hubby soaking up with the BURJ KHLIFA in backdrop

faint BURJ AL ARAB in backdrop

we played in the sea for about 2 whole hours only to get burnt!!

a bollywood moment :p

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