by - 5/11/2013

I have not known a girl who does not like to shop. Whether be it labels , high street shopping or flea markets!! Well I am a girl who loves designer labels as well as high street. And when it comes to shopping heaven like Bangkok, who the hell wants to keep control :) Though one tends to associate Bangkok goods with rip offs and imitations, you can find all types of designer labels as well as high street at the malls. Here is a tour of quite a few malls that i managed to hop on a busy evening.

outside the emporium mall...

designer labels galore..

bags bags and more bags!!!

a girl can never have enough shoes!!

sale!! now we are talking!!

designer labels galore..

designer labels galore..

designer labels galore..

designer labels galore..

artificial greens!!

outside the MRT station...the names are really difficult to pronounce!!! :)

the MRT route..

siam city centre

madame tussauds at siam mall

famous thai singer..prao.. dont know how to spell her name :)

jam and hubby having the time of our lives giving an impromptu performance at siam centre!!

hogging the limelight...

absolutely no idea how to beat drums..but whats the harm in posing?? ;)

hubby seems to be lost..

lull after the concert :D prao's and not us' :p

its so difficult clicking our own pictures!!!

move over siam, its time to explore MBK centre

enough mall trotting for one evening, its time to return back to our hotel

when malls shut down, patpong wakes up...and so does bangkok's nightlife...

busy streets even at the middle of the night..

shopping is my cardio!!! its time to recharge myself after all that mall hopping did to my metabolic rate!!

hubby just managed to grab a tuktuk and didnot give up the oppurtunity of driving it!!

the king of thailand.. Lord Rama

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like everything else in thailand, the MRT seats too are so colourful!! canary yellow!!

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  1. mandira tum logo ki pix dekh kar lagta hai ki hum logo ki thailand trip to bekar hi thi,, hum log to inme se kuch bhi nahi ghume .. 1-2 jagah chod ke ,, like MBk mall,,,
    wahan MRT ka min. fare 25 baht hai... its expensive ... yahan to min 8 rupee hi lagte hain

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. sir abhi to thailand ke sare exciting posts baki hai :p

  2. You had an exciting trip with great fun... :-D

  3. Nice pictures , with hot lady . Sooo beautiful .

  4. This is a perfect guide for shopaholics!! :)