BANGKOK : city of wats

by - 3/07/2014

The past few posts have been about my daily ramblings. Not that I enjoy sharing daily anecdotes, but the main motive of my blog is to share my travelogues. As I said here, I want my travel stories to inspire people to explore and share tips with them too :)
Out of the myriads of places I have been to, one of my favourite cities have been Bangkok. Bangkok may sound cliched to most of the Indians, as its one of the cheapest exotic destinations from India. Well, not that cheap if you want to actually 'explore'. The economic packages which are designed by the agents are very basic which means just a stamp on your passport. And that is not at all our way of travelling. We make sure that if we visit the most beautiful spots, the dark corners of the city have to be covered too!!

Moving on, Bangkok is quite a jinxed city according to me. Its very developed with network of flyovers and swanky malls, but its an international hub for criminals and the haven for legal prostituition. Ironically, religion is a huge part of the culture; with hundreds of temples in the city known as 'Wats' , making Bangkok the 'city of wats!!

The first day we spent in exploring the urban Bangkok and dedicated the next day to visit the temples. After an early breakfast, we set out. The earlier the better as traffic jams can get quite nasty. I had dressed up in a knee baring dress to which our guide made me cover up my legs as, such attire is disrespectful in the Wats.
We visited as much as time permitted. The temples had huge campuses, which required a lot of time to traverse through. Each of them were a speciality in itself. Wat Pho has the longest reclining Buddha Statue, Wat Benchamabopit is the largest marble temple while the Wat Tiramit has the largest Buddha Statue in gold. All of them were awe inspiring!! Our temple tour made us forget all the lights and sins that we had witnessed just the night before!!

the longest statue of Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho..

Wat Tiramit... Temple of Golden Buddha..

The largest Buddha Statue to made of pure gold

The royal guard at Wat pho

wat benchamabopit

picture perfect architecture...

the seven idols for seven days of the week..

golden feet of Lord Buddha...

alms for the poor...

lotus and Buddhism goes hand in hand...

1.Start early for the temple tour as you dont want to be wasting precious travel time stuck in traffic.
2. Wear something that covers your shoulders and knees. No cleavage baring outfits.
3. All the wats require entry tickets.Keep cash handy. Wat pho ticket is 100 thai baht while Tiramit is 25 THB only.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures beautiful place you look fabulous.

  2. Wow! The architecture is really impressive :)

  3. I went there 2 years ago, I just love Thailand and Bangkok in particular! Amazing pics!


  4. Wow you are so lucky to visit this beautiful city. The Buddha statues look impressive!! I had no idea you had to buy an entry ticket. Good to know. Wish you a happy weekend!!

    xx Mira

  5. Amazing photos!!! This place is magic.
    Happy Sunday and thank you so much <3 <3 <3
    The Indian Savage Diary

  6. Oh i have been in Bangkok when i was I kid! i remember that golden buddha!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger