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by - 5/17/2013

Its been almost two and a half years that I  went to Mauritius. That was after our wedding. Since I was little, I had been planning to go to Mauritius. My parents had taken me to almost every nook and corner of India but never abroad till my wedding. I donot know exactly why. Maybe it was one of the first places overseas that I had read about extensively in travel books. I too remember my mom associating turquoise blue waters with Mauritius and that kind of formed an image on my mind. So when it came to planning our honeymoon, I undoubtedly stuck with Mauritius. It indeed was a dream come true for me :)

When you are planning something for the very first time, you tend to make it the very best. Same was with our trip too. My husband though a miser :p left no stone unturned when it came to planning our African island trip. He chose the very best tour operator 'Thomas Cook' and one of the well known hotels on palmar beach i.e Hotel Ambre that had been featured in worlds best hotels.

I often go through the pictures of our various trips. Today I was seeing our mauritian pictures when I decided to come up with this post. Its an overview of our beautiful hotel and moreover the beautiful memories that I cherish and always will....

It was a seven day trip of which I remember and cherish every single moment...

the very first bird's eye view of the island

after a journey of 8 hours and 3 rounds of puking from air sickness, I finally managed to pose after getting down from the plane

a cute waterfall in the tiny airport. I was getting better from the tropical vibes :D

got our luggage and managed to get both of us clicked together

standing with Lucile, our guide from thomas cook. thats our cab behind :)

forgot all my hangover from air sickness. The moment i saw our private beach, I did not wait and jumped into the sea!! Hubby left bewildered!! :D

the bedroom part of our suite. This bottle of south african sparkling wine and fruit platter was a gift from the hotel and so was the dodo sarong and mauritius tee shirt (on the bed)

after freshening up, we go for dinner in one of the restaurants

a candlelight dinner especially arranged for newly weds

hubby rocking in Indian attire

wondering how this tiny portion going to satiate my hunger??

hubby's patent indian vegetarian meal!!

red snapper for me...

poolside beautifully decorated...

african dance performances everyday.on the first day even we danced to the tribal tunes!!

rocking the dance floor

one relaxed sunday morning when there was not any city tour; standing just outside our room

fresh tropical brekkie

freshly baked bread..the food was simply amazing!!

one of my favourite photographs of the hotel

going down to the sea level

the beautiful Indian Ocean
standing right in front of our room

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