by - 5/25/2013

I am a kind of girl who loves planning. Birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions or even petty ones...I spend months planning in advance. :D  My husband is simply the opposite; so are my parents and close friends!! They simply leave everything for the last moment!! Now since I plan for months for my near ones' birthdays, you can understand how excited I would be for my own!!! I was born on 22june in haldia, a port city in West bengal, where june is the perfect season!!! Its rainy and cool and beautiful!! But since I was brought up in Delhi; I had to bear the curse of June!! scorching and smouldering heat!! arghhh!! None of my friends have been able to understand the beauty of being a june born; instead they grumble that I am born on the wrong side of the calender :( sigh :( My hubby too hates summers and he simply doesnot feel like going out of the air conditioned room!!!

What can I do!! I cannot possibly relocate to another city where the weather is bearable!! But what I can do is I can enjoy Whatever God has given me!! I though wish I had near ones who would give surprises on my birthday!! Now what I can possibly do is plan my own like every year!!

Just a month left, I am very excited. That reminds me of my last year's outing in the heat in one of the greatest historical places of Delhi that left my hubby sweating and fuming!! Well I dont mind since I have such nice photographs; otherwise I would not have been able to share with you all!!

Humayun's tomb is one of the best constructions of Mughal era. Humayaun, the second Mughal emperor was buried here. It is a beautiful place to hang out and reminds me a little bit of the great Taj Mahal. :)

just entered the monument and I started posing!!

the palm trees adding the green tinge to the ruins!!

the main mausoleum..

tiny hubby in front of huge architecture!!

I took this to upload in chictopia :p

the mesmerising view from above...

the main building..now we are talking...

the fountain infusing the much needed coolness...

the posey birthday girl....

wonder what he was thinking...:p

climbing the stairs to explore new heights..

swinging to and fro my new Louis Vuitton

I just love this one though my hubby has the exact opposite opinion :D

this one too!!

typical mughal way of ventilation...

a Japanese couple took this one!! I really love this pic ; its been on my fb as my cover pic for long!!

this one too!!

posey person...after all he is my hubby!! :D

love the palm trees!!

the main building..

got tired of walking in high heels, put on flats and relaxing :D

I wont call it cute :D

the postcard photo of Humayun Tomb

No matter how much hot the trip was, I enjoyed to the fullest!! Hope this year I have even more fun!!

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