The most instagrammable place in Melbourne: Brighton Beach

by - 11/15/2018

Do you know anyone who is not fascinated by colours? Well not maybe on clothes or inside the homes, but outside....more the better! There have been extensive lists of colourful towns in Europe, Central America, and all. After all seeing a riot of colours on a big scale is a treat to the eyes indeed. I particularly look forward to visiting such colourful towns, that's why Cinque Terre and Phuket fascinated me so much.

The repeated popping up of happy pictures of colorful beach boxes on my Instagram feed had me intrigued. On researching I found that there are three places in the world that have rows of colorful beach boxes: Brighton in England, Cape Town, Africa and Melbourne in Australia. So when we were in Melbourne, I made sure that I included it in the itinerary.
The colorful beach boxes are in Brighton beach (note the similarity with England) which is quite a distance from the city center. That is obvious as the ocean cannot be in the middle of the city! There are two main beaches in Melbourne: St Kilda beach and Brighton beach.
How to get to Brighton Beach?
Google maps! We had a rental car so we reached there pretty easily. It was around one hour drive from Yarra Valley. The parking was rather expensive ( as per Indian standards) it was 4.5 AUD for an hour. Whoa! Anyways the beach itself was so cheerful that it was worth every penny.
There are around 84 boxes on the beach. We went there at noon time so it was crazily crowded. Each box has a different mural/ colour combo/ painting. However the theme is the same... screaming fun all the way. It was really difficult as to click which hut and leave which one. Flocks of over enthusiastic tourists made our choice easier...we left those which had a long queue for taking pictures.
The water of the southern ocean was way too cold than anyone would have liked. It was noon but no one was swimming.
Brighton Beach Boxes History: These arose out of morality regarding sea bathing. As a result these boxes cropped up in England, France and Italy and in Australia too. These are owned by Bayside City Council. These retain classic Victorian architectural features like wooden walls, corrugated iron roofs, timber framing and weatherboards.
Added benefit: apart from the brightly hued huts, one gets a glimpse if the impressive Melbourne skyline. I mean we were staying in South bank in the heart of Melbourne where every building was a skyscraper. However in order to click the entire skyline, the Brighton beach is the perfect place. Also you would get to play with a lot of sea gulls here. We found them quite friendly.
Tips: Don't forget sunglasses, hat/ umbrella and a bottle of water. The Aussie sun can get really cruel even though the water may remain cold!
At the end of the trip I can confidently say that this is the most aesthetically pleasing place of Melbourne and definitely one of the most instagrammable places of Victoria!

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  1. Ah I so loved the colors and truely apt place for Instagram pictures.

  2. OMG, this is amoung the best post I read today. The colors are so vibrant and you have covered the places so perfectly. Thanks!

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  5. I had no Clue this place was in Melbourne ! the best part is that I have been searching the Internet for this place!

  6. Wow girl. You are so lucky to be traveling to the most exotic places in the world which is a dream for many. No doubt these pictures are worth a shot.

  7. This looks like such an awesome beach :) love how colorful it is and it really is the most Instagrammable place :D and also you look lovely in the pictures.

  8. Looks like such an awesome beach. Loved the colors and I wish I could be there to capture all of it. You lok lovely in these pictures.

  9. I love this place, perfect for pictures. I like your dress

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