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by - 11/26/2018

As clichéd as it may sound, but the truth is that a mother is also born as soon as a baby is born. I had been a 'non baby' person throughout my life. I am a single child myself, who has been brought up in a nuclear family far away from cousins. Also none of my friends or neighbors had any small kids; so basically I never came across small babies. So my daughter was the absolute first baby of my life.
Being a medico, I had delivered babies although during my maternity posting. But that was just taking the baby out and handing it over to the paediatrician. I had just learnt that babies can't hold their neck themselves, we need to support their necks all the time. But how much tough this situation is became apparent only I had my own baby to hold and manage.
My daughter was born underweight, so she was way tinier and wrigglier than other neonates. The first time I held her in her arms, I didn't immediately feel that connection as I was in severe post surgical pain of my C section. And the fact that she yelled all night long, on the second day made matters tough for me as I was unable to rest and sleep. After three days, I came home with my new born but she continued to cry the whole night long and my mental and physical health deteriorated.

This continued for 2 months continuously. I used to rock her in my lap the entire night and roam around in the house while everyone else slept. I never got a single moment to rest. She was born on March 11 and exactly after 2 months it was Mother's Day... the first Mother's day of my life as a mom. I didn't fall in love with her at the first sight. My health issues coupled with the fact that she never let me sleep at night made matters worse. On May 11, exactly after 2 months, I was rocking her the entire night, trying to make her fall asleep. The entire night of struggle had passed. It was exactly half past six in the morning when I layed her down on the bed, hoping she would fall asleep and let me rest too. But I was taken aback by the most startling gesture. She gave a me a wide, toothless smile...her first smile!
For the uninitiated, newborns don't smile. It takes time to do so and it's an important milestone in itself. But that smile came so unexpectedly, that I forgot all my woes! That was the best Mother's day gift ever and I vividly remember that precious moment. She fell asleep but for the first time in those two months of motherhood I waited for her to wake up so that I could witness that smile again.
There began my love affair with my munchkin which continues to grow everyday. I don't think I can love anyone else in this world as much as I love her.
I very vividly remember the time when she was born. I was a young, naive mother and she was weak and helpless. Baby cleanliness is a constant activity especially in newborns. Sometimes you have to clean the barf, sometimes poop or sometimes just general wiping. The safest method is to use water and cotton but it's neither convenient nor travel friendly. That's why we mothers use wipes. But the cardinal question is are they safe?
Baby wipes if made from polyester will cause rashes on your baby's skin. So I started scouring the market for cotton wipes and that's when I came across Mother Sparsh baby wipes.
These wipes are made of cotton and 98% water and hence are as good as pure water. The wipes are fully bio degradable too. That means firstly only natural materials are biodegradable. And secondly you are doing something for the environment too! That's a major bonus.
What do I love about these wipes?
These wipes are the purest water based wipes and hence are suitable for your baby right from birth. These are 100% alcohol and paraben free and hence absolutely safe and mild for the delicate baby skin.
These are made of pure cotton. So no chances of diaper rashes.

Easy to pull out from the pack.

These contain jojoba oil and glycerine too for moisturising effects.

These are hypoallergenic in nature.

These wipes are non soapy and non greasy.

They cost 175 INR for a pack of 80 wipes.

This post has been sponsored by Mothersparsh but the views are completely personal.

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  1. One of my friends is about to have a baby in next 2 months, I am so damn sure this will be damn helpful for her, thank you for sharing this amazing blog

  2. Loved reading your 1st time experience...I'm loving the water wipes,they really are a great choice .


  3. Being a mother , it's of top most priority to choose the best for our baby. Mother Sparsh is definitely a great brand to choose. I still rely on it.

  4. aww , how adorable she looks and this is such a helpful posts for new mothers out there !!!

  5. The story of being first time mom is different for everyone but at the end, every story turns out beautiful. That's why motherhood is special. Loved the post.

  6. And finally you fell in love . Such a lovely feeling . Quite an honest post

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