How to protect your kid this winter?

by - 11/02/2018

As we have already stepped into the Fall season (it's November...duh) we are ready for cooler temperatures. In fact winters are just around the corner. As much as we love the nip in the air, we also look forward to the change in wardrobe along with it. Trench coats, blazers, mufflers and all those elusive clothing that we Delhiites long to don for a couple of months. However with winters comes the greatest woe for the kids.

Moms would agree with me that kids, especially toddlers start falling sick as soon as the season starts changing. Being a mom myself and a physician too whose 80% patients constitute kids would vouch for this fact. So what are the ways by which we can protect our munchkins from suffering?
Wear warm clothing: It's a no brainer that kids need to start wearing warmer clothing long before we actually do. Mornings and evenings are quite chilly, so they need to be dressed in full sleeves right from the beginning of October. And as soon as November swings in, we need to dress up the kids in warm clothing.
If you are worried about the style quotient of the kids (I bet you do!) then I have great news for you!
I recently came across Cherry Crumble, an American apparel brand who just launched their super stylish and comfortable Autumn winter collection for kids (toddlers to adolescents).Their pieces are beautifully crafted and are one of a kind.
I got really impressed by Cherry Crumble's Autumn winter collection 2018; which constitutes of  Boys Coats and Jackets, leather jackets for kids, Kids Sweaters & knitwear
online, trendy baby & kids sweaters, Boys Shirts, Night Dress for boy child, organic cotton
kids swearshirts, Girls SWEATSHIRTS & FLEECES, etc.
For my munchkin I got this floral printed Classic Suede Coat.
Priced at ₹4599 , it's crafted with details and dedication. The suede outer texture gives the smoothest feel and so do the buttons . There is piping too, giving it such an adult look.
Good news is that Cherry Crumble is available on Jabong, Myntra, First Cry, Amazon and Flipkart.
Dress up your child in layers: Indian winters are pretty predictable. During the peak chilly months of December and January, the mornings and evenings are really cold. However during the day the sun shines with all its might resulting in hike in temperatures.
When you dress up your kid in multiple layers, it's easy to peel off the outer wear without jeopardizing the warmth factor.
Cherry Crumble has lots to choose from...From light jackets to heavy layers, they have a wide range of outer wear for your kiddo.
Pay attention to diet: What you put inside your kid's mouth builds up his/her immunity. If your baby is a fussy eater (which 90% kids are) then I am sure they are running deficient on nutrition. Include a multi vitamin daily in your child's regime. That would compensate for the nutritional deficiency.
Avoid food stuff like curd and buttermilk during this season. Also never give banana if the child has cold.
So you can see that winters can be dealt with style all thanks to Cherry Crumble. My daughter is in love with the floral print of this jacket. Also the texture is super soft making me irresistible to hug her repeatedly. Cherry Crumble is available on all the major E commerce portals. So what are you waiting for? Dress up your sweetheart stylishly in their gorgeous Autumn winter collection!

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