Hotel Abad Plaza, Kochi, Kerala

by - 8/22/2017

When I wrote about Novotel Hyderabad Airport and The Lalit Jaipur, the feature that touched me the most was the behaviour of the staff. The staff was overtly polite and sweet. Maybe I belong to that part of the country where rudeness is an integral part of the people! Anyways in my extensive experience of travelling, the rudest staff we found was in Mauritius! Yes, for a honeymoon, Hotel Ambre was perfect but their staff was more than scary!
When we landed in Kochi, we had bookings in the Abad Plaza. Its a good name down South and we liked the property; hence we booked. However I found out that the best part of the place was their sweet staff!

After a long flight with our rather naughty daughter, we had an hour drive to the hotel from the airport. All I was waiting for was a dip in the hot Kerala weather. It was very cold in Delhi that morning; hence we found Kochi to be very hot. But after we checked in, we ordered room service as we were famished.

Hubs had plans of having all kinds of dosa day and night. But he was dismayed to find out that they had only good old Masala Dosa in room service. I settled for fish fingers.

After we had our tummies full, we went to the rooftop pool to take a dip. It was already dark but who cared? It was summer! As soon as my daughter saw the pool, she immediately took out her top and ordered us to put her into the water! Seems like a mermaid is in the making! After all she is my daughter!
For dinner we had an amazing spread. For people like us living in the North, South Indian cuisine means just idli, dosa and sambhar vada. But its SO not true! I mean my besties at school were Malayalis and I knew it very well. But not hubs. I just fell in love with Malabari cuisine. The fish curries, the egg curries and the chicken. And the mix vegetable too: it was nothing similar to the Punjabi Tadka we have here. It was so different, so amazing. However I feel it was either too sour or too spicy. I person like me can handle end number of chillies in a dish. But its not true for everyone else. Anyways I have found new love in Malabari cuisine.
My daughter is a real picky eater. I know every parent seems to say that she is extra trouble making. My friends who have been to my home know how tough our lives are. My mom and me have developed severe back problems owing to running after her. Anyways, her diet consisted of just cucumber and tomato slices for dinner. I think I should exchange my diet with her (sans the meat). She is a pure vegetarian.
The staff at the restaurant treated us like family. There was a sweet man in particular who had a daughter of the same age. He used to pamper my kid and bring her a plate of cucumber and tomatoes! I mean when you stay at a hotel for continuous 5 days (which seldom happens) you become like family! The warm hospitality was the very reason why we did not have a night stay at Munnar. We wanted to come back to our home away from home after an exhausting day. People come and go in our lives; its the memories which remain etched forever.

Dress: Forever 21
Sunnies: Fastrack

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  1. Kids do get restless but she sure its cute

  2. guys looks like you had an amazing time! and this is what matters.

  3. This place looks so lovely!

    Have an amazing day!
    xx Kris

  4. This looks like a nice and cozy place to be. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice day

  5. Looks like you had an amazing trip with your family! Thanks for sharing as always babe <3 Lovely photos:)

    XO, Jessi

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