Alappuzah Beach, Kerala

by - 8/16/2017

Weather seemed to play unfair with us. Since the time we arrived in Alleppey, it was horribly hot and humid. We had sensed that rain might be on the cards because of the excessive humidity. However we soon forgot about it as we were too busy in exploring the backwaters on the shikara.
After we were done gazing the houseboats and mangroves and brackish waters, it was time to hit the beach. Alleppey is in Alapuzzha district and its beach is eponymous. However as soon as we reached the beach, it started pouring horrendously.
It was way past lunchtime and we were famished. Not to forget we had a two year old with us. We made to the biggest looking restaurant both for shelter and food. I ordered the Malabari fish curry while hubs ordered greens. We hoped that our munchkin will nibble rice but we were wrong. So we got mentally prepared to face her hunger tantrums.
We finished lunch, I changed my outfit (fashion blogger problems) and then gazed outside. It was still pouring crazily. Now what? Soon it would be office time and then it would be a nightmare returning to Kochi.
Now we had two umbrellas. Our daughter and our camera needed shelter. I could easily get drenched as I had plans of dipping into the sea. So hubs picked up our doll and all the belongings and umbrella and I threw out of the door into the rain like a free spirit.
The sea water was really warm and loved every moment in it. Soon the sky started clearing up. It was the first sea beach for our daughter. As soon as her father loosened his grip, she slipped out of his lap into the sand. She started playing with the silicon dioxide particles and there was no looking back! She even started attacking her Dad with fistfuls of sand (imagine her tiny fists). I was watching both of them from the water. Then I came to the dry area and took her to gave a taste of the Arabian Sea. And suddenly a whistle blew.
The lifeguards were on their patrol and they strictly forbade me to go into the sea. The sea was really rough with huge waves crashing because of the storm. Oh did I mention that the beach was absolutely deserted? Also in the meantime there were cyclones in Andhra Pradesh and their effects were clearly visible here. I immediately handed over our daughter to my husband and they again started playing in the sand.
I, as expected, did not want to come out of the water. I am not scared of the sea but I preferred to stay near the beach in case. The lifeguards came again and this time they gave me a real stern warning. I decided not to take any further risks. I too joined in the sand throwing game with my daughter.
The sky again started getting overcast. Before it could start raining, we hastily made our way to our cab.

Dress: Globus

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  1. Aw these photos are the cutest babe!! So pretty <3 Hope you're having a great week :)

    XO, Jessi

  2. Perfect memory page the images are amazing.

  3. These pictures are just so lovely <3

  4. Great picture, you are a beautiful family

  5. I can imagine the humidity must have been terrible but your daughter's playful ways certainly made you guys forget all about it. Lovely family enjoying a beach vacation.