The green fields of Alleppey, Kerala

by - 8/15/2017

You must have known by now what kind of green lover I am. I love the green fields, green leaves, parrots, green clothes and even two carpets in my home are green! However there is a specific shade of green which I am obsessed with. A lot of my acquaintances gift me some rather unpleasant shades of green thinking I would love it. But the truth is that I love only light green. Like the shade of paddy fields or newly opened leaves. Okay I love sea green too but that does not come under the category of conventional green...Does it? PS I specifically detest dark green, bottle green and olive green. 
Woefully, even my husband does not seem to know this! Once he got a very expensive skirt from Qatar in olive green. Arghhhh!!

Well coming to the beautiful green fields. Once we started our shikara ride on the backwaters in Kerala, slowly we rowed across the lagoon to reach the tiny villages of Alleppey. There were thatched roof huts and lush green paddy fields everywhere. We had to explore them. So we asked the sailor to anchor our boat.
We jumped off from our boat to the swampy ground (easier written than done). The smell of the fresh air, marshes and the fields was beyond heavenly. I think I can't remember the last time I breathed this fresh air in India. Maybe decades ago. And why not. The life and environment there was simply unadulterated. There was no other way to reach those villages than by a boat. So no motor cars, no factory air. The villagers over there grew crops and harvested fish. An uncomplicated lifestyle. Some of the huts over there even served authentic Keralite food/ Malabari cuisine. With fish so fresh, they were bound to be lip smacking. However we decided not to eat there because of time constraints. So after prancing around the fields for a while and peeking into some of the huts, we made our way back to the boat.
Every trip of mine comes with a loss. I tend to lose dresses, accessories etc almost at every destination. This place was no exception. While trying to get back into the boat, my green bracelet fell into the water and I could not retrieve it :(

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  1. One of my most favourite trip...ever!

  2. We enjoyed so much in Alleppy! Your post made me nostalgic... :-)

  3. Alleppey is such a stunning destination in Kerala. I loved the water ways and houseboats there.

  4. Alleppey the Venice of East due to backwaters and canals.It's such an amazing place in Kerala.Nice post about Alleppey!!

  5. I love green too. N i love ur little munchkin in each frame.


  6. The third picture is so beautiful :)

  7. Excellent post!Alleppey is one of Kerala’s most mesmerizingly beautiful and relaxing experiences