Novotel Hyderabad Airport

by - 2/03/2017

Did  I  mention that I am fond of fancy hotels? Well who does not Duh! However when you are a frequent traveler then fancy  accommodation is really expensive, escpecially abroad. But I spend hundreds of hours surfing the web to locate hotels which are lovely yet not so expensive. My criteria is pretty simple: A nice swimming pool, clean room and proximity to the city centre. Saying that, I never miss an opportunity to stay in a five star whenever possible.
Our last stay in a Five star hotel was in The Lalit, Jaipur. Last year was all about exploring South India. First we went to Hyderabad in October, and then we went to Kerala in December! For the city of Nizams, we had an incredible stay. We were there for just two days but the hotel was important nonetheless. I got lucky when me and my husband got to stay in Novotel Airport Hotel Hyderabad, just a 10 minute ride from the airport.The choice was pretty obvious; it was very easy to commute to and fro from the airport during such a short stay.

Apart from the beautiful pool facing rooms and impeccable hospitality, what I loved most is the staff. Hailing from Delhi, I think impoliteness is a part of the culture here. I mean the staff in Hyderabad was very sweet and helpful. I am always attending doctor parties and  events in Delhi five star hotels but I never find anyone sweet enough to leave a mark. Most of them are plain indifferent; operating like robots.

Our room was spacious, clean and beautiful. A huge window overlooked the sprawling pool; which is always my favourite view to wake upto.
The food was pretty sumptuous too. The lunch and dinner buffet had not only the South Indian delicacies but cuisines from all over the world. I particularly loved the Hyderabadi Biriyani (so obvious)
Moving on,  I got a chance to take a picture with Tollywood actress Regina Cassandra in the hotel lobby. The interiors were beautifully done and so were the other facilities. We played pool in the lobby. The lobby had different parts. The one close to the bar had modern furniture. While the part that was a bit far from the bar had furniture on the shape of bowling pins. How cool is that?
The sprawling swimming pool
Like everywhere else, I swam like a mermaid. The pool was large enough to accomodate many people. I particularly loved the waterfalls at the end of the pool. They give me a very natural waterbody like feeling which I simply adore!All the pent up stress was released. It was one very short trip but this trip to the city of Nizams, I would remember it for years to come! #MMTLuxuryStays
With Tollywood actress Regina Cassandra ...She was really tall!

Poolside at night..

Outside my room...

Dress: Next UK
Blazer Forever 21
Purse Louis Vuitton Annie GM
Neckpiece: Forever 21
Dodo sarong : From Mauritius

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  1. you travel around the world! Beautiful hotel

  2. Your lovely pictures say it all... A luxury experience indeed.

  3. very true, people and hotel staff in Delhi are more like robots. They bear artificial smile. lovely post..liked your pic with Regina..

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