Road trip: Yamuna Expressway

by - 2/11/2017

I love roadtrips. But having said that does not mean that I go on one every now and then. In fact, our last roadtrip was the trip to Jaipur in December 2015. See what I meant? This trip was long awaited. There were two main reasons: first the inauguration of the 165.5 km long Yamuna Expressway. Secondly, since my cousin brother bought a new car, me and my mom had plans of going on a long drive in his car. Well both these two conditions never seemed to get materialised.
Last Saturday, we finally nailed the plan of going on this much awaited roadtrip. My mom had made a donation in Vrindavan in memory of  my grandmother and she wanted to see that engraved stone first hand. Therefore we could not find a better excuse to make a quick trip to Vrindavan. Her nephew was too ready to oblige.

This year Delhi winters have not been that severe. Maybe its the effect of global warming. The fog and smog has been lesser too, thankfully. However we were totally unprepared for the weather on the Expressway.
Vrindavan is 140 kms from Noida on the Expressway; that means 25 kms before Agra. We had planned to leave at six in the morning but inevitably started at seven. Thank God. That one hour delay was a blessing in disguise. It was dark that time. By seven, dawn had broken and daylight had started peeping in. The sun was playing peek a boo with the clouds. 
We crossed the city of Noida and within no time we were on the Expressway. The speed limit on the Expressway is 100 kmph but no one abides by that. People are usually speeding at 150 kmph. This Expressway is actually India's longest 6 lane (extendable to 8 lane) controlled access expressway stretch. It has 4 toll booths. So if you are going to Agra, you need to pay a toll of around 350 INR one way. Overspeeding has led to numerous cases of fatal pile ups and accidents on this expressway.

Initially there was not much fog. But as we went further, fog started becoming dense. All the vehicles which were swooshing past us started slowing down. Parking lights started flashing. Then a point came when visibility dipped to an absolute zero! I mean absolutely no visibility! When a car was nearby, only its parking lights could be seen. Otherwise it was dense dense fog. Although it was scary, it was really adventurous at the same time. So many cars were following ours and we too were doing the same. This continued for quite a while and then the fog became less dense for goodness sake.
Midway, we stopped our car to take a feel of the fresh air and have breakfast. For me it was the best part of the road trip. I mean living in midst of the city does not give me an option of breathing fresh air. Or opening my eyes to green fields. I loved every second of our break.
We reached Vrindavan rather quickly. On the way, there were stretches of beautiful yellow mustard fields. Of course I had to stop to take pictures; much to the annoyance of my Dad! Uff he will never change :D I had a splendid time on this roadtrip!

Can anyone recognise the pretty leaf in my hand?
Coming to the outfit, the jumpsuit and the blue tote both are from Is not the red jumpsuit gorgeous? I love red and this this is a perfect outfit for Valentines Day. How cool is the cut out on the back? Since I have become a mom, I have been gravitating more towards jumpsuits. They are practical yet stylish!
For travelling purposes or whenever I need to carry more stuff (which I always need to) I prefer totes. And if it does not zip, its even better! I love this blue colour and the textured leather. It also has a tassel hanging. To make it richer, I also hanged my Pierre Cardin charm. Its large enough to fit all my essentials.

So what are you planning to wear this Valentines? Let me know!

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  1. Sometimes the beautiful areas could be right in our backyard

  2. The fog gives these pictures such a mysterious touch :)

  3. You seem to have enjoyed road more than the Vrindavan itself 😊

    Just kidding...I've always taken road trips in the last 2 years, they give me an opportunity to enjoy natural beauty more.

  4. This outfit looks wonderful babe.
    Maggie Dallospedale

  5. Yess girl! You always give me such traveler envy! Love that red jumpsuit by the way... looks gorgeous on you!

    XO Jessi,

  6. Love ur outfit...n the field looks beautiful.