MANILA..its past and its present...

by - 11/11/2013

Its been quite a while that we have come back from our Philippines trip but the memories are still fresh in our mind. In fact, it was this trip that inspired me to start my very own travel blog. I had been fond of travelling since early days of my childhood, and my parents have played an ardent role in fulfilling this passion of mine. My mom used to make me write the details of our trip after we came back so that I do not forget the trip as well as to improve my writing skills. That time I used to loathe this activity, but now when I go through my travelogues written about 15 years before and even earlier, I relive those moments!! 

When the trend of blogging started few years back, mom used to pester me to start my own blog. She always wanted me to become a writer, as she is one herself, but destiny had something else planned for me. Well I had ignored  her suggestions and pleas ; as we often tend to do with parents; until this trip .I was so overwhelmed by the beauty and the people of this country, that I felt its high time I start writing on my own!!

Couple of days ago, this archipelago of about 7200 islands got hit by a deadly typhoon. There has been thousands of casualty and everything has been badly hit. I felt terrible on learning this and remembered the sweet filipinos and their beautiful country. My heartfelt prayers for them. I just I hope they recover very soon.

So today I decided to do a post on the few sites of Manila, its capital. An ancient fort and a present memorial park where me and hubby had a blast!!

The other side of manila from Fort Santiago. This ancient fort built in 1590 is one of the most important historical sites of Manila. Right behind me is the Pasig river.. the fort is located at the mouth of this river inside the Intramuros

Dungeons do fascinate me!! have read lots of novels on them!! remember Count Of Monte Christo??

In front of the earstwhile amphitheatre

dont know why cannons and bullets attract hubby so much :D

The Rizal park..built in the memory of Dr Rizal, the Filipino freedom fighter.

the main part of the front of the statue of Dr Rizal and the flag of Philippines

This fabulous light and sound show reminded me of the Dubai Fountains, another spectacular event even if this was just 10% of the Dubai one!!

I feel like a fairy in this pic!! he he :D

Since Chinese new year was just a couple of days away, the metro trains were adorned with red head to toe!!

At the end of our super eventful day, we shopped till the entire mall closed!! I ditched my heels for flats for a pleasurable shopathon!! Kultura means souvenir in filipino!!

one of my favourite picture of that day.. in front of the gate of Fort Santiago taken by a German gentleman. This fort is in the Intramuros built in 1590. It served as the premier defense fortress for the Spanish government during their rule.

I wore:
dress : Mango
accessories: forever21
purse : Chanel

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  1. This is a great post! So thoughtful.