glittering DIWALI..

by - 11/08/2013

Finally after an eventful and hectic week, we are done with the festivities. Gifts and sweets have been exchanged, tonnes of crackers burst, all our homes decorated, prim and proper, and all the new clothes that have been bought, have been worn!! I always feel sad when the festivities end, be it Durga Puja or Diwali. But what keeps me and I suppose others too going is the fact that there are always other festivals that are going to come and of course we can enjoy them next year!! But who knows whats gonna happen in the future?? ;)

Philosophies apart, this year I had a blast!! Not that I burst too many crackers, I am considerate enough for the environment, but I had very nice gifts this year!! Our entire floor of  our apartments was beautifully decked up with lights and lamps and this year the sweets have been very innovative and new!! Also I watched the superhyped Diwali release Krishh 3 with my cousin and husband and that was a blast!! Since I have no siblings of my own, I always cherish the time spent with my cousins!!

This year too, as I said here that I forgot to take enough pictures in traditional wear as I was too engrossed with the festivities. However the next day when we went to watch the movie, I made sure I took some shots of the glittering lights. It was very late at night when the movie got over, so my companions really got irritated!! Moreover when I reached home, I got a good lecture from my mom as dinner got so late!! Well I am ready to sacrifice anything for pictures!! :D

beautifully decorated bushes!!

playing peek a boo amidst the
beautifully decorated bushes!!

could not get enough of the glitter and sparkle!!

our apartments looked so beautiful adorned with lights everywhere!!

our apartments looked so beautiful adorned with lights everywhere!!

nicely decked up floor...the glittering lights got washed up by the harsh flash of camera!!

this time I suggested to take the photo without any flash!!

rangoli at the entrance...

a box of interesting sweetmeat!!

some lighting up which I did myself...

fireworks in the sky...

fireworks in the sky...

got to pose with my photographer :p courtsey my bro :D

animal antics of my hubby... :p

I wore:
chikan suit : Lucknow 
ripped jeans : Zara
shirt : zara

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