by - 11/16/2013

I am sure we all have cherished it. Yes, I am talking about childhood. Don't you want to be a child again?? I know except for the silly outfits our parents used to make us wear and for the sillier decisions that we used to make, we all crave to get our tension free life back!! That was indeed the best time of our lives..with no jobs to worry for, no relationships to take care of and of course no heed to 'how do I look'!! Fantasies apart,lets slip back to reality :)

14th November is the birthday of our first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He used to love children so much that his birthday is celebrated as Children Day. Like Teachers Day, this day is celebrated with pomp and vigour in every part of India. During the day time, lots of cultural programmes and activities are arranged for kids in the schools and during the evening, there are myriads of options to choose from for the parents to pamper their children. In school, every child looks forward to this day. In fact in our medical college too, there was a teacher who used to distribute chocolates to the entire college on this day!!

Its been a few years that my name has been struck off the children's list; especially since I have got married :D But my mom makes sure that she wishes me and gifts me something special!!
This year me and my husband went for shopping on this day where we realised Marvel has organised a comic con!! All types of superheroes were there but our favourite is Spiderman!! Strange as it may sound, those games and activities were of course for the kids, but we were invited to take part!! Lucky us, we had a great time!!


Its time to roll the dice!!

engrossed in the game...

hopping towards victory...

caught in spiderman's web!!

with a skyscraper and spiderman!!

getting inked as a part of the winning prize :D

my spiderman tattoo!!

trying to scale heights with my new tattoo!!

An Old Mc Donald had a farm...Yeah yeah oh!!

with our favourite super hero...

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