a chilly Sunday morning

by - 11/25/2013

I have never been a morning person. However my work has always compelled me to wake up at the earliest and leave the house before the sun could shine...especially in winters. My Yoga days were an utmost torture; at least now I can have my breakfast nicely before I leave. I believe that no one wants to leave their cozy beds in winter..at least not on a SUNDAY!! Well but I have an entire different story :(
My husband too sleeps deep in the wee morning hours. In fact its quite a chore to wake him up on time. He regularly runs helter skelter to get ready, and is often late for hospital and poor me I have to take the entire blame. The irony is that he is constantly in denial. He claims to be a morning person while everyone knows that hes not!! So while I look forward to Sundays to sleep till late, he wants to explore 'the world' on holidays!! I have been dismissing his wishes till now when I became prey to his plans this Sunday!!
Yesterday he woke me up before dawn and said that we were going somewhere where I can do loads of shopping. I jumped with excitement with my half open eyes. Got ready in a jiffy, had our tea and were just about to leave when his junior from medical school called him for help. Worried we went to see his mom in the hospital instead of leaving for the surprise outing. His aged mother had dislocated her shoulder and finally when everything was over, it was half past ten. I was famished. But instead of taking me to an eatery, he dragged me into the metro and after an hour, we reached Chandni Chowk.
That was not all..we kept on walking...he dragging me and after about 4-5 kms, we reached our destination Daryaganj. I had never been here before, but my hypoglycemic condition compelled me to sulk instead of excitement. daryaganj is one of the oldest places in Delhi, known for the sale of quaint things. Sunday morning is exclusively dedicated to the sale of books.I being a bibliophile, that place is a paradise for me. My hunger went for a toss when I started digging into those piles of books. I bought around 15 novels. Though I was very frustrated for being forced to have brunch instead of brekkie, I thanked him as I witnessed many things pathognomic of Old Delhi which I had never seen before. After a super adventurous day, we returned late in the evening. That was one fine cold morning sojourn I would say :)
Chandni Chowk not in its usual self with its quiet roads...The Red Fort in the backdrop...

The Red Fort in the backdrop..

Hard to imagine chaotic Chandni Chowk so peaceful and quiet!! Wait for the next picture!!

The calmer side of the road complemented by the chaotic bylanes on a Sunday winter morning!!

finally food after 5 kms of walking!! My eternal favourite chhole bhature!!

hubbys love for dosa will never die!!

Paradise for bibliophiles!! I just could not get enough!!

The Delhi gate...a rare discovery for me...never knew it existed!!

Protected by the archeological society...

Golcha theatre...established in 1954,its one of the oldest movie halls of Delhi. Never thought I would visit this place!!

This is a Tibetian Market selling woolens. Got some nice bargains.
 All said and done, Daryaganj visit should not be attempted by weak persons, small children, faint hearted or pregnant females on a Sunday morning!! Its just too crowded and chaotic!! He he just joking :D

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