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by - 4/11/2013


the third largest mall in the world. i have been to Dubai mall, the largest one but MOA was not far behind. it offered everything one could imagine.

We arrived at the ninoy aquino international airport ,Manila at about 1:30 pm.After collecting our luggage, we converted USD into philippine peso and headed towards the taxi stand. We had read in blogs that white taxis are more expensive than yellow ones so we took a yellow taxi(which we got after much walking) and headed towards our hotel in makati. It cost us around 250 PHP.

Makati is the best part of Manila in terms of cleanliness and city plan. that was the main reason why we booked tune hotels makati. 

standing just outside the ninoy aquino international airport

standing in front of our hotel with the taxi driver
our small but neat and clean room

After a quick bath and lunch we took a small nap and it was already evening. Then we hurried of to our first destination... Mall of Asia, pasay.

the iconic filipino jeepney

make sure not to miss the jeepney ride when in philippines. these were used for war by the americans in the 19th century. in order to carry on the tradition, now they are an integral part of public transport.     after an MRT ride we took the jeepney to mall of asia. in a jeep,as they say ,one passes on the fare to the driver by fellow passengers itself. the driver returns the change in a similar fashion...

the huge globe in  front of the mall

the mall of asia eye or flyer in the amusement park section from where you can catch a panoramic view of manila and the sea on other side.

light and sound show in the roxas boulevard

just below the MOA eye.

we sat on the parapet of manila bay and enjoyed the cool sea breeze. as it was already dark, we couldnot see the ocean but could definitely feel it. After sometime we went inside the mall. W e browsed through souvenirs,apparels and lot other things. god knows how time flew so fast and it was 10 and showrooms started shutting down. with much reluctance, we had to had back to makati.

hubby taking a joyride in the amusement section

the cool roxas boulevard

an interesting restaurant

end of a tiring but eventful day...

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