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CASA MANILA ideal Spanish home converted into a museum to let tourists know about their lifestyle. As photography was prohibited inside, we took this picture in the courtyard.


Now time for a sneek peek into Manila's history. As we all know philippines was ruled by the spanish till Americans took over. Therefore this city and infact the entire country provides a mixture of both the cultures with a Philippine flavour!!! That is the best can witness a plethora of architecture and lifestyle belonging to three different nations!!

INTRAMUROS, as the name suggests, is an erstwhile Spanish city surrounded within a wall. Today the city is still there, in fact more alive than before as now there are offices, schools and other government institutes... bustling with regular people and students and tourists alike..

We took the MRT from buninda to EDSA, switched to LRT from there and got down at Central station. From there Intramuros is at a walkable distance.

we clicked the MRT card :D

inside the LRT

the station where we got down, its close to both intramuros and rizal park. the people at the ticket counter were pretty helpful.

at the gate of Intramuros...just about to enter...

a glimpse of the daily life inside Intramuros

the cannons still placed...n hubby is ready to fire!! :D

the long array of cannons...

our version of philippine china wall :D

the intramuros golf club just outside..with the makati skyline backing it making it a beautiful picture

a typical picture which one would imagine of the walled city

the beautiful golf course...

a panoramic view of all the important persons..

one corner of CASA MANILA

a buggy in front of a fancy restaurant

this is the mirror in the restaurant which my hubby was about to knock down accidentally!!! thankfully I reached to its rescue on time!!

casa manila from outside..

Manila Cathedral from a distance..reminiscent of beautiful Spanish architecture

in front of manila cathedral

up close and personal :D

a beautiful office building


we look like the natives..dont we :p

hubby all set to propagate christianity :D
  Dress: Forever 21
Purse: Aldo

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