by - 4/17/2013

day 3

a lake within a lake..a volcano within a volcano...that is how Taal Volcano is described.

Philippines is the land of active volcanoes. There are many open to tourists but we chose this one particularly as it was a full day trip from Manila.

mesmerizing view of the breeze...the 4 n 1/2 hour journey till now seemed so worth!!! this is our banca..we settled for 1500 pesos for to and fro journey after bargaining from 6000pesos!! told you..learn to haggle!!

We had planned everything about the trek back home at India with the help of various blogs and ofcourse google earth and trip advisor. Though when it came to execution, it seemed quite difficult :)

We left our hotel at 5am. took a jeepney to the nearest mrt Buninda, deboarded MRT at EDSA, from EDSA took an airconditioned bus to Oliverez. the reason for starting so early was to avoid the traffic jam. Our bus took 2 hours to reach Oliverez and we reached there at 9 30am.

Since we were famished, we had a quick brekkie in McDs and set out for the ultimate ride..the Pedicab or HABAL HABAL. An half an hour downhill ride in a scary and wobbly pedicab made us clinch it tightly in fear :) we were lucky that our driver charged only 50 pesos against the ridiculous charges of 600pesos by other drivers. but dont forget to haggle...that is the only thing that is going to take you places :)

breakfast at Oliverez

in the iconic habal habal with our driver

hubby with the driver with taal volcano in backdrop....

adorned with life jackets, all set to cross the lake. the lake doesnot seem like a lake though..its just like the sea splashing water against your body as the banca moves forward!!

after half an hour bumpy and wet boat ride, here we are on the island..on the other side of the lake!!

equipped with all the essentials..umbrella, sunglass, face mask, water and food along with comfy footwear...we are all set for the hike!!

the horsemen tried to lure us into taking ponies...walking side by side in steep places..but since we were determined to conquer by foot, nothing could deter us. but believe me it was really a tough hike...

   It was hot, dusty, sweaty ,sunny and steep climb. If not for our determination, we would have taken a pony..atleast i would have!! We took various drink breaks on the way to recharge ourselves. The breeze was fresh and cool..rejuvinating us. There were lots of riders, hikers, localites and foreigners. We exchanged smiles everytime :) the villagers were pesturing us into byuing masks and water if not hiring a pony...but since we were so well equipped, they were left dismal :p

deep blue lake and mindblowing breeze......

taking short breaks in between..

finally a glimpse of activeness of volcano...fiery hot smoke seeping through cracks with deposits of yellow sulphur.... believe me the smoke was intolerably hot!!!

the cracks were covered with stones for safety...

hubby trying to climb the last few strides before we finally reach the top!!!

view from above...

 and here we arrive.... WHOA!!! never seen something soo beautiful!! green lake with pretty nature all around!! it was worth every drop of sweat that we lost during the climb!!

could not get enough of this place!! make sure you carry some food and drinks with you as everything is very costly up here!!

our hike took about 2 hours including the numerous breaks that we took!!!

lake within a lake..volcano within a volcano. THIS IS THE WORLDS SMALLEST VOLCANO

the green colour is due to the various salts of volcanic nature..

a special wooden throne..though wobbly!!!

a panoramic view of the top....

red soil of volcanic origin...

our loyal companiions...sprite and water!!!

after staying at the top for about 45mins resting, clicking pics and enjoying nature...we made our way down though very reluctantly...

our boatman fell asleep as we took much more time than what was allotted by him...that gave me time to take pictures at unusual locations!! :)

bidding goodbye to the beautiful experience!!

sun on its way down... saying bye to the dormant volcano of
 Mount Binintiang Malaki (Malaquie), in the background

a flower shop at tagaytay...

does this even need a caption :p

the entire view....

mind blowing view from above....

heading back to manila happy though tired to the core....catching on sleep in bus. way back, we got caught in evening traffic which took almost 4 hours!!!


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