Why should you watch Sembaruthi on ZEE5?

by - 7/08/2020

Name of Show: Sembaruthi on ZEE5

Language: Tamil

Genre: Romance

Cast : Karthik Raj, Shabana Shajahan, Priya Raman

Karthik Raj is a leading actor on the Tamil small screen.
Priya Raman is a Malayalam actress and film producer.
Shabana Shajahan is an actress and a dancer in the Tamil Television industry. You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram.
Image source: ZEE5


Karthik Raj is cast as 'Aadikadavur' Aadhitya Purushothaman. He is in love with Parvathy and eventually marries her, without his mother Akhilandeshwari's knowledge. He is a calm, intelligent and serious individual.

Shabana Shajahan is Parvathi Aadithya. She is a young and beautiful village girl, who is employed by Akhilandeshwari as her home cook. She is in love with Aadithya whom she marries later and becomes Aadhi's wife.
She is eldest daughter-in-law of Akiladeshwari and Pursothaman She is dutiful,beautiful and naive but is also strong willed and determined at times .She saved Akhilandeshwari's family many times in many ways. 

Priya Raman as 'Aadhikadavur' Akhilandeshwari / Akhila 

She is what you would define as a strict Lady Figure of the house and hence a stricter Mother in law. She is the mother of Aadhi and Arun, and Mother-in-law of Aishwariya and Parvathi and wife of Purushortaman. She is stubborn and a perfectionist. Her son Aadhi marries Parvathy without her knowledge and hell breaks loose when she comes to know. Although like a typical mother, she is very caring at the bottom of her heart.

Narasimha Raju as Sundaram, Parvathi's father.

Sanjay Kumar Asrani as Purushothaman : Akhilandeshwari's Husband, Father of Aadhi and Arun and Father-in-law of Aishwariya and Parvathi. He is calm and patient, unlike his wife. Also he approves of Aadhi's marriage to Parvathy.

Janani Ashok Kumar as Aishwarya Arun, Arun's wife and youngest Daughter-in-law of Akilandeshwari and Puroshtaman. She is a weak-minded woman; initially hostile to Parvathy before her marriage to Arun, then starts caring for her and empathizing her. She is supportive of their knowledge.

VJ Kathir as 'Aadhikadavur'Arun Purushothaman. He is the enthusiastic younger son of Akhilandeshwari and Purusothaman and the husband of Aishwariya. He is a lively man who is in support of his brother's love. Initially a playboy, now he is loyally married to Aishwarya whom he hated before.

Lakshmi as Vanaja. She is the main antagonist. She is the ister of the Akilandeshwari. She is evil ,cunning and always fabricates plans to split the family and ruin Parvathy's reputation. She wants to take revenge against Akhiladeshwari, Purushothaman, Aadhi, Arun, Aishwariya and Parvathi. She is joint with Nandhini and plotting against them.

Biography: The title 'Sembaruthi' translates into "Hibiscus" flower in English.
It's a Tamil family drama and mainly revolves around a rich and influential stubborn mother (who is the ruling head of the family) and her elder son. After the death of Parvathi's grandmother, she decides to work as a maid/cook at Akhila's home. The mother son relationship gets strained when her elder son Aadhi (Karthik Raj) marries the cook of their family Parvathi (Shabana Shajahan) without her knowledge or consent. Aadhi's younger brother and his wife (Arun and Aishwarya) support them. Their marriage is the soul of this show and everything revolves around the hardships and turmoils of this relationship. The father and brother and his wife are supportive of their marriage.

Debut show: This show was first aired on 16 October 2017 on Zee Tamil. 

Previous Show Details: Sembaruthi is a remake of 'Muddha Mandaram. It's a Telegu serial which used to air on ZEE Telugu.

It is also remade into a Malayam show 'Chembarathi' which airs on ZEE Keralam.

You should watch this show for intense family drama and the intricacies of relationships. 

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