Last part of the Great Ocean Road, Australia

by - 7/16/2020

We were on the last leg of our Great Ocean Road trip. We were on our way to the Loch Ard Gorge from the 12 apostles. It's in Port Cambell only and a five minute drive from there. However our GPS had stopped working. There was no signal! There were a couple of roads which looked quite confusing. We didn't want to get lost as it was getting dark. I hate twilight pictures! There wasn't even anyone on the road too. A meagre number of cars swooshed by. We followed my husband's instincts (as we always do) and thankfully we reached there. The stairs to the beach were steep but the view totally worth.

On the opposite side of the gorge was a limestone cave with lots of stalactites and stalagmites. The golden sand was incredibly soft and felt therapeutically soothing beneath my heels worn bare feet. We went towards the gorge site and it was breathtaking.
The place had been named after the ship Loch Ard which travelled from England to Melbourne. However all the passengers had died barring two. The two rocks had been officially named Tom and Eva since then after the two survivors.
Etymologically Loch means Lake and Ard means arch in Irish. There was an arch that connected the two cliffs. But the erosive Southern Ocean had destroyed it and now these two stand as separate rocks.
Many movies have been shot here including the Pirate movie and TV series Journey to the Center of the earth.
Our last stop was the London Arch and it was already twilight. We somehow raced to the place to capture before visibility became bare minimum. Although the ocean had a picturesque hue during dusk.

Now the major task was to drive back to Melbourne without any GPS. What if we got lost in the dark? There was no soul in sight who could direct us... neither any signs or milestone! We drove blindly for about 200 kms and finally got a signal for the main highway. Kudos to my husband's internal GPS skills for bringing us safely to an inhabited land. We stopped at the first gas station (where we learnt to fill petrol by ourselves), bought a cuppa and finally heaved a sigh of relief before we started for Melbourne again. We reached the city at half past eleven in the night. What a day!

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  1. austria is such a beautiful place i didnt knew. thanks for showing us austria beauty

  2. This one my dream destination to visit in 2020 but couldn't go to this due to covid 19.

  3. What beautiful pictures and the lovely memories u shared.

    Seeing pics, make me crave to visit this place.
    Also u both are looking adorable.

  4. I love reading your blog. Again I am missing those good days. You clicked some breathe taking pictures. Australia is in our bucket list from very long. Hopefully next year we are going to visit Australia for sure

  5. Your hard work and your husband instincts work great and the pictures are so beautiful worth having that pain

  6. The first image and I was hooked. What a treat this place is I love nature near the water and the locations here are breathtakingly stunning . Sigh when will I travel again.

  7. I lived in Melbourne for a few months and I have taken day tours to the Great Ocean Road. I agree with you that it is absolutely amazing and the pictures of the 12 apostles (even though there are no 12 anymore) are so so pretty. I wish I could travel to Victoria now and go on a drive to the Great Ocean Road.

  8. Such an adventure you two had, making your travel truly memorable. Life is about such memories, isn't it?

  9. Such a beautiful place and lovely descriptions too ! How I wish we could travel like before and things get back to normal