Best overnight stop on the Great Ocean Road, Australia

by - 7/27/2020

The Great Ocean Road stretches along a distance of 243 km. However the scenic road trip along the magnificient Southern Ocean is quite a journey if you plan to cover it in a single day. It's just not 243X2 ie 686 kms because there is a lot to be drove from Melbourne or depending on the area you start from Victoria. Also there are at least 12 major stops on the road. So even if you devote half and hour on an average at each stop, it's quite a daunting task to drive home back at midnight. We were short on time (like always) and covered it in a single day (started at 4 30 AM and reached Melbourne at 11 45 PM). However I strongly suggest to divide the road trip into two parts so as to reduce the stress on driving and be able to savour the experience fully. The best stop to do so would be Lorne, the largest village on the Great Ocean Road. Lorne is situated on a bay named after Captain Louttit, who sought shelter there in 1841 while supervising the retrieval of cargo from a nearby shipwreck
Lorne maybe the largest village but is tiny as per Indian standards. The population is of 1000 people (which is even lesser than the apartments in which my parents reside; forget an entire village). 
However this place is fully equipped with motels and apartments, supermarkets and restaurants and has a LOT of sightseeing to do. It is 142 km from Melbourne and definitely worth a two hour stop if you are in a hurry.
We made Lorne our breakfast stop. We were carrying baguette and cheese and fruits from Melbourne and we could not have possibly found a prettier place to dine than on the wooden pier on the Erskine river, swinging our feet over the water and the cold breeze in our hair.
We visited Australia during October end; which is spring season but cold nonetheless. Also the water of the Southern Ocean was biting cold and the breeze left us shivering early in the morning. 
If you are halting for the night at Lorne, you must definitely visit at least three spots:

1. Teddy's Lookout: We could have definitely done this in our rushed itinerary but lacked guidance. It's quite a hike then climb from the centre of Lorne but the views of the Great Ocean Road offered are to die for.

2. Erskine Falls: The Erskine river starts from the Erskine Falls and follows a winding path throughout the Otway National Park. The ripples on the water felt so soothing and the breeze was too refreshing. Although it was DEFINITELY chilly. The residents did not seem to mind the nip in the air though as they all were out to catch the spring sun. We crossed the river through the bridge (built 150 years ago) to go to the Lorne Beach. There are few surfing huts here (surfing is the religion of Australians) which are too cute not to click a picture with.
The Erskine falls is worth the hike from the centre of the town. The topography is really enticing. 

 The beach is huge and the ocean is gigantic. Everything in Australia is humongous...from the sizes of the stones to the animals and trees. The ocean could just devour us with only us two on the wide beach.

The Lorne Pier: The pier is one of the best places for fishing lovers as fishes like  barracudawhiting, and trevally are worth the catch. Also one can spot giant whales from here as they traverse along the coast and lots of other aquatic creatures.

3. Otway National Park: There are several national parks along this coastal drive and the Otway national Park happens to be embracing the cute town of Lorne. You can hike along the trails or set up a camp. Camping is altogether another experience on the coast of the Southern Ocean; I have heard. So much charm in the wilderness.
With just two hours to spare, what did we do?

We had breakfast over the Erskine river, crossed the bridge to explore a surfing hut and then walked to the beach where we had the entire ocean to ourselves. We had a swim in the icy cold water but the glaring Oz sun burnt us black. After the swim we strolled in the market area and then played with some giant cuckatoos in the parking lot. Told ya..everything is mamoth in the Land of Oz :D 

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