Must stops.on the Great Ocean Road, Australia

by - 8/04/2020

So you are in one of the most scenic places of Australia ie Victoria. And the one must do activity in Victoria is to drive along the Great Ocean Road. The mighty Southern Ocean on one side and the gorgeous cliffs and vegetation on the other makes this drive one of the most picturesque in the world. Although every turn on this road has something to offer in terms of natural beauty or a landmark, there are particularly few stops which you simply can't avoid. Since we completed the 243km stretch in a single day, we stopped only at the must visit places. Still we got late as we reached the last leg of the drive and it got dark.
 So I am listing the must visit stops that can be done in a single day which are absolutely not to be missed!

1. Bells Beach: This is the first stop of the drive. It's located in the town of Torquay. Although you would come across lots of beaches on this road ( the entire drive is along the ocean) this one is quite important. The sunrise from here is spectacular. Also the wooden stairs that lead to the beach is so postcard like. We also saw kangaroos for the first time here. Since you would visit this place early in the morning, it's bound to be chilly and windy here. So be prepared.

2. Aireys Inlet: According to me, this is the prettiest stop on the GOR. I mean how beautiful is this light house that overlooks the Southern Ocean (the first picture at the top). Not to forget the creek and the river flowing into the sea.
 Huge chunks of limestone on the ocean. Since we visited during spring, there were vibrant blooms all around... making the place all the more picturesque. Also the cute Willow tea cafe deserves at least a photo of..if not Breakfast or a cuppa!
3. Memorial Arch: The GOR was built by the army to connect the small towns and villages in this part of the country. Therefore an arch has been built in the memory of those 3000 soldiers who worked for this coastal road. You need just a few minutes here to get clicked with the arch.

4. Lorne: For Indians it's shocking how a population of 1000 people can qualify as the most populated village of a particular region! I mean more than 1000 people reside in my parent's apartments! Anyways Lorne is the biggest and the most populated village on the GOR. It's an excellent place for a night stay in case you are covering the trip in 2 days. Lorne is self sufficient with a market, lots of cool restaurants, cottages for tourists, the cute Eskine river, a hundred year old suspension bridge, a pier and a really wide beach. Also there is Teddy's lookout, which offers jaw dropping views of the GOR.
5. Port Campbell or Apollo Bay: This is quite a drive from Lorne. If Lorne is for having breakfast then this place is for lunch. There are lots of cool eateries and supermarkets to replenish your car munching snacks. This populated stop comes 100 kms after Lorne. The surroundings are pretty picturesque too.
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6. Kennett River: Never in my life I could have imagined to spot and gawk at adorable koalas lazying in the wild. Yes, you can spot as many as you want! All you need is patience and sharp eyesight!
7. Gibson Steps: As the GOR comes to its conclusion, so does the beauty of the ocean multiply many folds! This stop is 200 km from Melbourne and you reach there at around 5pm. This is the best place to see the 12 Apostles up close and personal and rave the in their awe. But mind you, you have to brave 84 rickety stairs for the same.
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8. 12 Apostles: This is undoubtedly the most famous stop on the GOR. Although there are just 8 apostles remaining now. It's easier to photograph the two apostles on the East side. The remaining ones on the West has the setting sun above and hence incapable of being captured perfectly. Those who have a lot of time or exclusively visit for photography, make this stop their first in the morning. You can do the road trip backwards i.e start from the London Arch.
9. Loch Ard Gorge: This is probably one of the most fascinating landforms in this area. Stalagmites and stalactites on one side and a gorge on the mighty Southern Ocean on the other.
10. London Arch: This is the farthest stop from Melbourne. This particular stretch of the Southern Ocean is so erosive that it has enormous chunks of limestone in it carved into peculiar shapes by its consistent corrosive action. The London Arch is a few kilometers ahead from the London Bridge.
This 243 km (one way) drive was definitely the most fascinating road trips of our entire life. If you plan to visit Australia, this should top your list!

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  1. The Great Ocean Road is definitely one of the best things to do in Australia. I love the 12 apostles even though there are no 12 anymore. And the London bridge is amazing. They make a picture perfect location for sure.

  2. I was imagining visiting this places as i was reading this post. All the 10 places are scenic but i loved Lorne description more for some reason.

  3. Okay then the fashion with the watermelons is so fun. Also the descriptions took me along the journey with u as always. Fashion oitd 🌈👍

  4. You're so stunning with the blue dress, I enjoy looking at your photos!


  5. You two are setting some major travel goals. And looking at your pictures alone, I want to jump out of bed and travel ☺️

  6. Kennett river will definitely be my favorite because I love Koalas... Love this list! Bookmarking for future use! :D

  7. Your blog always makes me wanna just pack my bag n catch a flight.... this is going to be bookmarked for we have plans to visit Australia with our kids when things get better...

  8. Your blogs are amazing ! I love the way you always write so beautifully on every travel !

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