Melbourne for free : Things to do in Melbourne that are free of charge

by - 12/27/2019

Whenever we plan of visiting a city, I take time in finding out what all can be explored which doesn't cost a penny. A tourist always has different interests. Some are exclusively looking for spas, casinos, shopping malls and all such indulgent experiences. We of course do not belong to that category. We are constantly striving to find out exclusive activities to do or places to see that are special to that place. Since everything is expensive in Australia, we curated a special 'Free things to do list'  Our first stop was Melbourne; hence here I am with all those things that didn't cost a dime.
Flinders Street: This is the oldest railway station in entire Victoria and is an iconic landmark of this city. However we were quite unlucky as it was undergoing renovation. Trams running in front of this Dome entry of this station is a postcard picture. Maybe next time if we go ever, we may fulfill this wish of mine.
Free tram circle: Public transport system in Australia is horrendously expensive especially in bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne. However there are a free stops that come under the free tram zone where you don't have to 'tap' your Myki card or no balance would be deducted. It's fun to ride on a tram and it's a must do thing.
Melbourne Cricket Ground: If you are from India, obsession for cricket is in your genes! In our family, cricket is a religion, it's a faith! Before marriage, I too was fond of this game but since my husband is pathologically obessesed with this game, it's almost a threat to me!

Even if you have never been to Melbourne or don't even intend to, Melbourne Cricket Ground can't be unfamiliar to you! It's the Mecca of cricket! Now there are two ways to see MCG. One is to take the official tour if you have an entire day. The other shortcut is to just take a photo of it like we did! We didn't have so much spare time to devote to MCG alone hence this cheat code!
Fitzroy Gardens: You may be the most emotionless person on Earth but you simply can't ignore the happiness spread by plants and trees! The Fitzroy Gardens is a huge green area in this city. There are several sections with James Cooks Cottage the most important one. The entire area is huge and undoubtedly pretty. You can spend as much time as you want.

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Brighton Beach: What's the use of being in a seaside town if you can't hit the beach? Melbourne is situated along the mighty Southern Ocean and is blessed with some very special beaches. The water may not be as turquoise as rest in Victoria or Sydney or Queensland but they are special in their own way! The Brighton beach has 84 colourful bathing boxes which makes it a must visit for every photography loving person!

PS The parking can be pretty expensive.

St Kilda Beach: Again this beach is not famous for it's water but it's special for it's own reason. It's quite near to the Brighton Beach. This place gives a magnificent view of the Melbourne skyline. At night you can see myriads of wild penguins parading! I wish they came out during the day too! How cool is that?
Yarra River promenade: Any waterfront is a delight to spend time on. And when it's the Yarra River, it's an entirely special experience! The most famous five star hotel and the Southern hemisphere's largest casino Crown is located just beside the Yarra River. This place is a delight both during the day and night. Happy people can be seen bustling here during the day while at night, glittering lights adorn this place with foot tapping music in the background. The skyline never fails to impress whether during the day or in the dark!

Street Art: There are innumerable lanes in this city that is covered with jaw dropping art. Vivid hues, brighter themes. 450 Lygon Street Carlton, Hosier Lane, Swanson street, queen street, little Bourke street, Forum theatre, Payne's place Croft alley, Royal underpass are a  few places to name a few. These are one of the most famous street art lanes in the whole world!

Victoria Market: It's a huge local market that sells everything under the sun. It's an ideal place to buy souvenirs as prices are lower than rest of the city. On weekdays, the market closes at 5 PM. However it was Friday when we visited so everything got wrapped up at 3PM. The Melbourne skyline looks incredible from this place.
We stayed in South bank so almost everything was very near to us. Since our apartment was on the fourteenth floor, we got a splendid view of the city without going to the Eureka Sky deck! There are lots of cute cafes where you can take a bite. The city itself is very boisterous with happy vibes all around. The best way to feel the energy is to explore the city on foot.

There are many other important places in Melbourne that are indispensable from a tourist point of view: The Eureka Sky deck, Aquarium , etc. I didn't include them as they have a hefty entry price. This is a free list and you can enjoy the city without spending a penny!( Of course a fully recharged Myki card is must for commuting)

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