Palm Oil: Oil of the future?

by - 12/16/2019

What are the major issues that our future is facing? Global warming, pollution, soil erosion, exhaustion of fossil fuels, etc etc. While much of it is not in our hands, a lot can be managed judiciously too. No wonder the process is long and tedious, but baby steps only can help us preserve our future. One small step which we can take in this path is by switching to palm oil altogether. But how?

What is Palm Oil?
Palm oil is derived from the palm fruit. It's a vegetable oil and is of two types: the one derived from the mesocarp is called Crude palm Oil and the other from the kernel is called the Palm Kernel Oil. Both these variants are nutritionally and chemically different from each other.

Is Palm oil new?
No, not at all! Palm oil is one of the most widely used ingredients in all the substances that we use in our day to day lives. Palm oil is present in lipsticks, ice creams, snacks, food items like margarine, coffee whitener, biscuit cream, soaps, toothpastes, medicines, animal feed, biofuel, etc etc.
Palm oil has been widely used in cooking too. It's very nutritious as it contains a high amount of Vitamin E.

How can it solve environmental issues to a large extent?

Help curb Global Warming: Palm trees have a perennial green canopy that provides a tropical rainforest like cover. Flora and fauna thrive underneath. The palm trees are an excellent absorber of green house gases, hence they would help assimilate CO2 and other gases. Also palm plantations are double as efficient as rainforests in doing so.
Oxygen yield: Palm trees have a greater surface area of the leaves and hence produce more oxygen during photosynthesis. That means greater CO2 absorption too, which is great for the environment.

Efficient Land utilization: Palm plantations provide more yield per hectare than any other oilseed crop, hence land is utilized more efficiently. Also measures are taken to prevent soil erosion during their plantation. Leguminous cover underneath fixes nitrogen and makes the soil rich and fertile.

Positive energy balance: Studies have shown that palm oil processing require a lesser input of fertilizers, pesticides and fuel energy as compared to other oilseeds.

Is Palm oil good for health?
Palm oil is rich in tocotrienols ie one of the components of Vitamin E. It is cholesterol free and Trans fatty acid free. It's semi solid at room temperature because of saturated fats in it. It is rich in carotenoids too. Since it's a vegetable oil it's vegan and is an excellent substitute for Vanaspati.

Is Palm oil suitable for cooking?
Palm oil is excellent for cooking. It has a high smoking point which means it is perfect for Indian cooking. It enhances the flavour of Indian food.

Palm oil is very rich in calories.

Palm Oil and Food security: Poverty is a rising concern in the developing nations. And land is becoming scarce for food cultivation. Since palm oil requires less land, fertilizers and pesticides as compared to other oilseeds, it would be helpful in establishing food security.

Socio Economic Development: Palm cultivation has helped in reducing rural poverty in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

There are so many other facets to this wonderful vegetable oil that needs to be tapped. Why don't we use palm oil more widely? I mean it's already present in so many items in our day to day life. Why not embrace it wholeheartedly so that our environment and ourselves are both healthy and happy.
Visit Malaysian Palm Oil Council for more information.

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