Celebrate a Grand Holi with xoxoday

by - 3/10/2017

The most colourful time of the year is here. Yes, its Holi! So what does Holi remind you? Crazy colours and Bhaang I bet! However these must be memories of the past. I am sure for the past few years you don't get much time to sit and chat with your friends; forget going berserk on Holi! But you know its time to slow down a bit. What's the use of earning if not spent wisely? Youth won't stay foerever. As much as its important to be serious at work, its important to slow down and relax too. We have got only one life and we better live it to the fullest!

So this Holi, gift yourself and your loved one an experience that you both will never forget! Leave the planning to xoxoday and enjoy the rest!

Holi High: Location is Bengaluru. Enjoy eight hours of non stop fun. Groove to foot tapping music of DJ Suketu and other DJs and indulge in sumptuous food and drinks.

Rang Munch: What is better in Holi than a riot of colours? Colours and Rain dance! In this event you get to enjoy for 12 hours non stop. Live Punjabi Dhol will ensure that you don't rest even for a second. Also a number of famous DJs are there for non stop grooving. So you get to wine and dine with organic Holi colours with live music under rain drops! Talk about experiences to remember!

Rang Ki Banga (Girls Only): Girls does Holi scare you? I mean you want to play but scared of rowdy guys misbehaving with you? Then this is for you! A Holi extravaganza in Bengaluru just for the fairer sex! Girls you can have 10 hours of non stop fun grooving to the thumping beats of the country's best DJs in the rain! Not only that but an unlimited supply of food, beaverages and organic colours to play with your gal pals.

Three Course Experience in Lodi the garden Restaurant: Its not a secret how romantic Lodi, the Garden Restaurant is. Its is one of the best places to fine dine in Delhi. This Holi if wild colors are not for you or if you want to treat yourself and your beloved to an exquisite meal, then this is for you. Choose three courses from the menu. Get to dine amidst the romantic ambiance!

So go ahead, ditch material shopping at malls and gift yourself and loved ones unique experiences with xoxoday.

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