The must visit place in Kurukshetra

by - 3/11/2017

Last weekend I went on an incredible road trip with my friends. Its quite unusual actually. Firstly, I hardly ever go on road trips. Okay my year started with a road trip to Vrindavan. But then, how many times have I actually gone? Secondly, I have seldom travelled alone. In my twenty eight years of exploration (which is quite a lot) I can literally count on my fingers when I have been let on my own. My first tryst was in the first year of my medical college when after days of persuasion my father finally let me go to Jim Corbett with my friends. Then after passing out, I went to Ajmer with my friends but it was for an exam. Thirdly I had been all by myself in Dehradun for 15 days for my Post Graduate exams. This period was particularly tough in 2014 as my daughter was just 5 months old. In 2015, my munchkin was older and I too was stronger to live without her for a fortnight, studying. These two episodes in Dehradun can't be called 'breaks' with any reason as they were purely for studying. So in all, I had travelled alone only once for pure pleasure purpose!

 Last Saturday, it was my batchmate's wedding. I had confessed earlier too that this season (2016-17) I have a attended a record breaking number of ceremonies! His wedding was in Kaithal, Haryana, where the bride belonged. Me and my friends were close with the bride too; so there was no reason that we would not attend. After a lot of persuasion, my parents and my husband finally let me go with my friends for the weekend. My joy knew no bounds!
 We had a blast at the wedding and a phenomenal roadtrip. On our way back to Delhi, we stopped at Kurukshetra to explore. If you are remotely acquainted with mythology, then Kurukshetra holds a big position in your mind. Its the historical place where the battle of Mahabharata took place. Well God knows how much of it is actually true. There are many tourist spots here but the most interesting one is the Bheem Ghat or the Brahma Sarovar. Mythologically, its the place where Bheema kills Duryodhana!
 Whatever be the historical significance, the place itself is heavenly! There is a vast man made tank and there are temples on all the sides. There is a huge Indian Tricolour which flutters beautifully. The breeze is simply mesmerising. We pranced, walked and hopped all around the place. It was too peaceful and too pleasant to leave.

Coming to the outfit, the weather has been rather strange for the past few weeks. In the morning its really chilly while it gets burning hot in the daytime. I chose a blush coloured trench from to beat the morning chills. Its a really light trench, not to be worn in winters or during the rain. But it did protect me from the cold breeze!
P.S Is my hair too short? Its actually the shortest length I have had in the past 12 years! 😢

Here is a fun video that I made with a new feature on my friend's phone!

Skirt: Levis
Stockings: Forever 21
Sunnies: Fastrack

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  1. I really love this online shop. You look awesome babe.
    Lovely vídeo
    Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion blog

  2. You looks so happy!
    Mónica Sors

  3. super chic colors combination

  4. These colors suit you so well sweety :)

  5. such a beautiful location, great pictures

  6. Thoug it is next to my hometown Ambala, I haven't explored it much. Maybe some day.

    Your pics are very inviting.

  7. Road trips are fun. I would love to go with my girlfriends. And if it is for a friend's wedding, nothing better than that. I lived close to Kurukshetra. This city is divine. I love light trench coat. I don't have one right now. Planning to buy. The color of yours is beautiful. Love the video. You look like a princess having fun.

  8. Where is Kurushetra in this post ???

  9. Loved your shirt and the spirit of abandon ! I also wanted to read more about kurukshetra or the road trip in this post .