Best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

by - 8/13/2019

The valleys, snow-capped peaks and the rush of adrenaline, all in Himachal Pradesh
Himachal has always beckoned tourists, especially those who spend most of their year wiping beads of sweat off their brows. Serenity, a shroud of calmness which seems to envelop you and picturesque and panoramic scenery present wherever your gaze travels; this is what Himachal Pradesh is all about. Before you pack your bags and head off to this heavenly tourist destination you should know that Himachal Pradesh offers tranquility in the same doses as it offers an adrenaline rush and thrill for the adventure seekers. Oh, and did I mention that a trip to Himachal will let you experience the Tibetan culture as well? So you can sample some delectable thukpa while wearing a warm and cozy Tibetan shawl.
If you are wondering how to start your amazing trip to bestplaces to visit in himachal pradesh, let me get you started on your itinerary.
  • Kullu Manali
Kullu Manali is a place that has to be ticked off the list when you are going to Himachal Pradesh. I mean how can you not go and see the place which has given the Hindi Movie industry some of its most beautiful songs. The time to visit Kullu Manali is after the monsoons recede which is in September and October as you wouldn't want to get stuck in the infamous landslides that occur here in July and August. You can visit the bird sanctuary here if you shy away from too much adventure. If not, then head over to Rohtang Pass or do river rafting on Beas.
  • Shimla
Almost half of North India heads over to Shimla during summers and the rest half can be seen there during the winters, throwing snow cannonballs at each other. Yup, it is overrated, it is overcrowded but it is still one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh. Shimla will give you nostalgic feels about the colonial era in almost everything, right from the buildings to the clubs. 
  • Kasauli
When you simply want a relaxing weekend, doing almost nothing expect watching verdant forests and clear skies and listening to the chirping of birds, all you have got to do is head to Kasauli. This tiny city is right at the borders of Punjab and Haryana is not going to disappoint you when it comes to rejuvenation. Simply taking a stroll through the town will make you want for nothing more.
  • Dharamshala
I am sure you have heard of Dalai Lama even if you haven’t been to this place. Set in the gorgeous Kangra Valley, the quaint town of Dharamshala is the abode of the Dalai Lama. Soak in the beauty of the place and mediate at the Tibetan monasteries to soothe your soul. Head over to Kareri Lake for some great pictures for your social media and the tea plantations if you are a tea lover like me. 
  • Bir Billing
Had enough of the tranquil and soul-soothing places? I cannot for sure leave out places that will interest the adventure lovers who throng to Himachal Pradesh to have a taste of some thrill. Bir Billing is just the place for such adventure mongers. This small village in Western Himachal is frequented by adventure seekers from all over the world all the year-round. There is paragliding to indulge in the summers when you get a breathtaking view of the valleys below and winters allow you to do some trekking and mountain climbing 
  • Dalhousie
Well, for one I did spot a lot of couples in Dalhousie, holding hands and enjoying the scenic beauty of the town. It is not known as ‘mini Switzerland’ for nothing, for it is the perfect place for couples. My to-do list for Dalhousie included St. John’s Church, Daikund Peak, and Chamera Dam so I had my fill of sightseeing and nature watching with this list. 
  • Spiti Valley
Oh no, I am not done with the adventure list yet as there is still Spiti to talk about. Now, this one is a brilliant mix of adventure and panoramic views and so is perfect for all kinds of travelers. Meandering roads, snow-capped peaks dotted with lush green trees; I mean it cannot get better than that. It can as I did not mention yet that Spiti is located at an altitude of 12500 mt above sea level and is not for the faint-hearted, literally! The high altitude may cause a problem to you so you need to keep that in mind when visiting. Spiti is accessible by only two roads, of which one shuts down during the winters but that is precisely the time when you should be going to this place for your fill of thrill. Best time to visit Spiti is between May to July when you can enjoy trekking here.'
  • Kasol
No, I am not talking about Kasauli. This one is Kasol which is a tiny village that is home to a lot of Israeli population. The place has got such an immense Israeli influence that you will find some of the signage too in Hebrew, not to mention the fact that you can sample a lot of Israeli delicacies in Kasol. This place is known for its jungle hiking where you can follow the Trail of Parvati River. Along the trekking trail, there are hot water springs that add to the charm and beauty that serenades you to stop at places and simply gaze at the work of nature.

  • Kufri
I am sure you have heard of Kufri for if you love the sound that your feet make when you walk on fresh snow and you love making snowmen and snowballs, Kufri is your Mecca. Since it is at a great height, Kufri is blessed with snow all the year-round which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. You have nature hiking, trekking and skiing for the nimble-footed and for those who love reveling in the laps of nature, trust me Kufri will wow you to no end.
Well, we are talking about best places to visit inhimachal Pradesh which is a treasure trove of beauty here and there are so many destinations there that did not make this list in detail like Chail, Kinnaur, and Palampur to name a few.   

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  1. I am always in aww of Himachal Pradesh, never knew about few of these places shared by you. This is a very helpful post for a travel lover like me. I am going to bookmark this post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kullu Manali and Dalhousie are two places I am so much love to visit as soon as possible..My wishlist have these two places on top!

  3. Himachal Pradesh is my favourite holiday destination. I am happy that I have been to every place on your list- each is distinct and beautiful in its own way!

  4. I guess Kullu Manali is on everyone's list. This post was super useful as I have been planning for these places since college times. My dad used to get LTC every year- Army's man's daughter :) Will plan some plan soon with parents and hubby.

  5. I have being to himachal pradesh long back.its a beautiful place will visit again.

  6. I have heard a lot about shimla, dalhousie and kasol... But never really heard of Dharamshala as a tourist place... I really respect Dalai lama and would love to visit Dharamshala someday!

  7. Himachal is definitely on my wish list and reading your post has reignited my desire to visit here

  8. Himachal is a beauty and we have to soak it in! I am so glad that some of these places I have visited and have some fond memories of them. Must check if can go again

  9. I quite liked Dalhousie and Khajjiar.. Dharamsala is bit overhyped. I liked Shimla also. Since I am an adventure loving person so I frequently go to Manali.

  10. Himachal pradesh has beautiful places to visit like kufri, manali, etc. and explore the beauty of this state

  11. Omg! You brought back all the fond memories from this place. I visited HP few years back and was completely smitten by its beauty !

  12. I always though only kulu manali are only two place to visit in himachal..adding this on my book mark for further reference..

  13. Travel gives happiness and it makes the inner soul happy infact. I love traveling but you are like explored almost every corner across the country. :) Loved it.

  14. Himachal is one of the top summer destinations with so many hills; so much of nature; so much beauty...I have been visiting to himachal the most for my vacations for the past 3-4 yrs

  15. Himachal Pradesh is the Switzerland of India;)
    Nature has blessed the place with abundance of beauty ��

  16. I have been to a lot of places in Himachal Pradesh, including the ones you have mentioned in the blog post. There is always something new to discover in the hills.

  17. Wow so beautiful looks like heaven on earth definitely will plan out ty for sharing.

  18. Being a mountain person, I am so dying to visit SPITI from a long time. Its still on the top of my travel list. I hope I will travel soon. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.

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  20. I an Rakesh Tiwari Living in Delhi. I visit many times in Himachal Pradesh but my favorite place is Shimla. I visit mostly in 25 to 31 Dec. When the crowd is on high. I loved this place. Thanks for sharing this article remembering my old visit.
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