How to get rid of stretch marks?

by - 8/08/2019

Pregnancy is one of the most cherishable experiences in a female's life. Don't agree with me? Well ask those women/couples who have been trying long to conceive. Holding the little one in your arms is absolutely delightful. But this surreal phase comes with its own share of woes. 

As if the entire child bearing process was less painful, it causes enough ugly changes in the physical appearance and I am not just talking about weight gain. I am talking about grey hair, facial hair, cellulite and the ugliest and most rampant of all... Stretch marks! Yes ladies,  the struggle is real! But the fact is that it's just not restricted to pregnant females/mothers only.

Are you struggling with stretch marks? Girl or boy, everyone faces this issue at some point or the other. Sometimes these appear after gaining weight and sometimes after losing weight because the skin becomes lax and loses its elasticity. Females are particularly prone as their bodies undergo a huge change during pregnancy.
I have been trying to fight the stretch marks on my tummy especially after my second baby. I love sarees and crop tops but these marks look so ugly!

So what can be done to prevent these?

Well in case of pregnant women, they can start right from the beginning. Prevention is better than cure right? Adequate hydration and moisturisation is the key. Drink at least 3 litres of water everyday so that the skin remains hydrated internally. Slather up your belly, buttocks, thighs and arm (the areas which are more prone to stretching) with coconut oil or shea butter to keep the skin hydrated externally.

For people trying to lose weight, the same approach of skin hydration should be applied.

However what about when the stretch marks have already appeared? It's so frustrating. But fret not, maybe I have found a solution.

After a lot of research, I found Nature Sure Pores and Marks which removes stretch marks as well as pores. I have been using this oil for the past 2 months and the marks have faded to a small extent. Anyways, baby steps towards no marks.

So what does it contain?

This is made from 100% pure and cold pressed oil extracted from Moringa oleifera. This is commomnly known as drumstick.
So how does it work?
Moringa oleifera is believed to contain Vitamin A which helps build collagen. Also it contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E which have anti oxidant properties and are indispensable for the health of the skin.

Its collagen building properties helps prevent loss of elastin and hence removes stretch marks and fine lines naturally. It also unclogs and heals enlarged pores. It helps maintain elasticity of skin and smoothness.

What all does it do?

  • It is a natural moisturiser and also doubles up as a sunscreen.
  • It's an amazing moisturiser that hydrates and deep cleanses the skin.
  • Acts as an antiseptic and a natural anti oxidant.
  • Fades age spots, blemishes and scars, repairs blackheads and dark circles and controls various skin disorders.
  • Since it prevents wrinkles, it also prevents sagging of facial muscles.
  • Exfoliates dead cells in the skin.
How to use?

Wash the affected area and apply few drops of Nature Sure Pores and Marks twice a day. Massage in a circular motion with clean hands till it is fully absorbed. 

Price: 1379 for 100 ml

I am pretty satisfied with what it has done for my marks in the past 2 months. What is your remedy for stretch marks?

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  1. I have stretch marks on my thighs. I will try to apply this. Thank you for this post

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