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by - 6/01/2016


For a decor lover like me it was my pleasure to know that Saturday was World Interiors Day. I have been interested in home decor right from childhood. I have collections of clippings from interior magazines from about twenty years back. That is the extent to which I am enthusiastic about interiors.

I have been decorating my room since I was very small. And when I got married and got my own home, the craziness to decorate my own space reached a new level! Anytime I can be found flipping through interior magazines or scrolling through dreamy home decor feed on Instagram. I love seeking inspiration from everywhere and incorporating them in my own little ways! So when I got invited by Asian Paints to attend a session by Film Production designer Shruti Gupte, the person behind the Bollywood sets of Aisha, Taare Zameen Par, etc, on the ocassion of World Interiors Day, I was thrilled! This exclusive workshop was hosted on how to draw inspiration from homes and office spaces designed in popular films.

The event was at the beautiful Colour Store by Asian paints in Connaught Place. There are only three such stores throughout Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Its a beautiful place with vignettes in every corner. I hurried upstairs for the event as I was late already. The theme was 'Intelligent and Inspirational Interiors, from silver screens to your homes'. This colour store brings the oppurtunities to the consumers to bring the look and feel they aspire from films to their homes and offices.

The red accent wall and a very simple, middle class home..
The session started with the super talented Shruti Gupte. After a brief introduction into decor and stuff, she started with the analysis of the film Taare Zameen Par. That was the era of accent walls. I mean we still have homes that have a brightly painted wall but that time was the beginning. The family was a simple middle class working family. So the house depicted that...feng shui bamboo, simple furniture, etc. As Shruti analysed the sets bit by bit, we all realised that so much time, effort and wit is put into creating a set. Darshan's room had blue things so it was typically a guy's room. Then she showed us the painting competition scene and told us that it was really tough to shoot that. While watching a film rarely we realize that so much effort is put into all the the things which appeal our eyes.
The bluish wallpaper makes it apparent that its a boy's room.
Then she took up Aisha. Aisha as we know depicted the wealthy South Delhi society. She kept the interiors neutral so that the rest of the decor could stand out. She tried different wall colours to distinguish one room from another.The exteriors of the bungalow which are shown in the movie was actually an abandoned house in Palam. So they matched the sets (which depicted a posh Delhi bungalow) in Mumbai with an actual house in Delhi! Whoa! So much effort!

Shruti here revealed so many points that taught me enormously. There is so much difference between an actual house and a movie set. A set has a lot of empty space so that the cameras can roll. Here Shruti professed her love for the ottoman which was not so prevalent in India at that time. She feels that an ottoman is far more functional yet beautiful than a coffee table.

Aisha's room was designed keeping in mind that every girl would dream of having it. It was painted lavender (a colour used to define Sonam Kapoor's character). Since Aisha designs her masi's wedding, its theme too was white and lavender. The walk in closet was a major part of the decor and so was the bed. They never show the bathroom in the film but the door is there to give more depth to the room.
Her walk in closet was another focal point in the interiors..
Aisha's room was made to create envy and drool in all the girls...
Then she moved on to Khoobsurat, a Disney movie with again Sonam Kapoor in it but of a very different character. Everything was made to depict that she was a royal misfit, Her mom (played by Kirron Kher) was disturbingly loud and colourful. So it was no surprise when she feminized her room with dupattas. On the contrary, the prince, Fawad Khan was very fastidious and that reflected from the razor sharp symmetry in his room. The film had been shot in a real palace in Rajasthan and was not maintained. So the film crew had to work extra hard to make it look royal and beautiful. There was a seen in a museum room where they could not use lights or move anything. So they ended up using 85 mirrors for the light they wanted!

The entire restaurant is red...and the beige furniture tries to break the 'redness'
Fawad Khan's room...everything is prim and proper...just like his mechanical character

 Then the fun session began. We picked up a picture of our choice and were made to choose samples and swatches of paints and fabrics to create a mood board. I as usual chose a picture which had lots of green in it!
With Shruti Gupte and my colour mood board...

After the session I realised I learnt so much. Interiors depict the personality of the residents. So much can be done to elevate a look...changing the wall colour, infusing a little wall art, throwing some pillows or even introducing mirrors...the list is endless. I also got encouraged by the fact that Shruti said about using warm lights...white lights are never used in photography! My husband never seems to understand that and he switches off all the lamps that I lit and puts on a tubelight :( As a parting gift we got a pack of DIY wall art: colours, stencils, sponge and a sample picture. I definitely plan to elevate my sweetheart's room with this kit!

We need to make ourselves heros and heroines of our own film scripts. Colours and features should be embraced as part of our personalities. The Asian Paints colour store allows us to realize our dreams before we decide to make it permanent.

Do visit the Asian Paints Colour Store at Connaught Place if you need any inspiration for your space..whether its home or office. You will love the store even if you are not redecorating. It is really very beautiful.

Watch: Casio G Shock

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