Princes islands, Turkey

by - 6/24/2016

How can it be possible that we go so close to the Marmara Sea and not take a dip in it? After traversing The Marmara Sea for about two hours, we reached the Princes Islands of Turkey. These islands are special for various reasons.

These are about nine islands spread over the Marmara Sea. These are Prince Islands as the prince of Turkey used to be on exile in theses islands. These islands don't have any mode of vehicular transport. The only way to traverse is either by walking or horse drawn carriage. Now these islands are open to the public. Out of the nine, the two most popular ones are Buyukada (Big Island) and Heybeliada.

As you have read here, we traversed along the Marmara Sea and reached the island of Buyukada. The island was bustling with merry makers as it was the last Sunday of the 'Bairam' holiday. International and Turkish tourists were equally there. There were no vehicles but it was very crowded (especially the coast). The island smell was infectious. Seafood and beachwear kiosks were everywhere.

A trip to any island would of course be incomplete without taking a dip in that sea. So we were looking forward to a swim. We asked how far the beach was and kept on walking. It took a while for us to realise that there was no 'sandy beach'. The coast was rocky and everyone jumped from the island. I was not too game for the plunge for gathered up the courage anyways.

The water was very cold and the sea was rough. I had rocks beneath my feet and each time a big wave came, I was scared of being knocked down. I could not let myself get tiny daughter was waiting for me back home.
I held a rock throughout my stint during the 'so called swim' and then ushered my husband to join the waters. Meanwhile I took care of our belongings.

My partner enjoyed the rough sea like never before. He braved the waves and was not willing to come out.

There was no place to change; people were changing on the grass. Being an Islamic country, I did not expect any bikini show but surprisingly girls were lying all over the grass. When I was taking pictures, a few Turkish teenagers joined us for snaps. One thing about Turkish people, they are very friendly :D

We walked around as far as we could and then had lunch at a cute restaurant. Braving the waves of Marmara Sea had our stomachs gnawing. I ordered a plate of chicken schnitzel which came with bread, fries, salad and mayonnaise. Bread was unlimited. We ate to our heart's content.

I was in no mood to leave the island but we needed to explore Istanbul. So we took the 5 30 ferry and bade goodbye. This island tour was one of my favourites in Turkey.

Dress: From Rajasthan
Purse: Shoppper's Stop
Sunnies: Aldo

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  1. I've never taken a dip, because of not knowing how to swim. I do, however, like going in and getting myself all wet 😊
    I am sure you will cherish going in and you didn't get knocked down would make it even more memorable.

  2. Looks like SUCH a fun day! And your pink dress is super fun! Love it!

  3. Love the water sparkles on the second picture :)


  4. Princes Island Dat Trip